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Sony SL-C9 frame advance fault

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Colin McCormick, Jun 4, 2007.

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    I have a Sony SL-C9 with frame advance fault: Does anyone have a service
    manual or info to hand which would tell me what to adjust for this
    fairly minor problem on an SL-C9: The 1/10th speed, and frame advance
    (including reverse) don't quite work, the picture jumps a tiny bit but
    doesn't move on a frame. Also the freeze frame often has a noise bar.
    But the 1/5th speed works just fine and without a noise bar. I expect
    there is some adjustment required to change the nudge power for the very
    slow motion operations. Any advice most appreciated.

    All other functions are 100% (now that I've swapped the PSU and repaired
    the usual front-loading problems).

    Please copy me on any reply to


  2. N Cook

    N Cook Guest

    From the E (UK) suffix version of the manual
    RV1 in still
    RV16 and RV17 in 1/5, no mention of 1/10
  3. Hello and thanks for your reply.

    On the servo PCB at the base of the machine, I see RV001 in
    the reel section. It is labeled FR SPD. Is this the RV1
    you refer to? Alas adjusting it makes no difference. It
    takes several stabs at the frame advance key to make it
    move on a frame.

    This I think implies either an electronic fault (not
    unusual for a Sony of this vintage) or a tape transport
    problem (but then it would affect the 1/5 speed).

    I will have to try to get the relevant part of the diagram
    and start fault finding down to component level.

    Thanks for your help,

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    A slight anticlockwise adjustment of RV017 "MOTOR DRIVE" on the JR-1
    panel (beneath the tuner) got the 1/10th and freeze frame advance
    controls working perfectly.

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