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Sony SL-2700 Betamax

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Phoena, May 25, 2013.

  1. You don't have to be a graduate EE to join. I entered as an undergraduate,
    I learned later that the FFT had been known for quite some time earlier
    (well-before 1967). It was the development of relatively cheap digital
    computers that made its use practical.

    With respect to telling students to "read" the textbook, it would probably be
    more correct to tell them "work the problems". I found I often did not truly
    comprehend the material until I'd worked through the problems.
  2. "Smarty" wrote in message
    In the early days of matrixed surround, Michael Gerzon wrote an article for a
    British hi-fi magazine explaining what happened as sources were panned from
    front to rear, and a resulting directional ambiguity (with respect to the
    encoding). I cannot find the article.

    However, a brief search turned up the following. Note Section 8, in
    particular. COMPLETE.pdf

    By the way, Scheiber mentions the need for phase shift in the patent I
    referred to, though I don't believe he goes into any detail.
  3. Smarty

    Smarty Guest

    Once again, you dodge the question, and given that this is now the 4th
    attempt I have made to get an answer, I will save you the embarrassment
    of now saying that there is no technically correct answer, if, in fact,
    you even realize this is true.

    Since you are "the wrong person to mess with when it comes to surround
    sound", I am utterly astonished.

    I thought that this was an area in which you enjoyed particular expertise.

    Or, to use your words:

    "I like to say that if you can't explain something (in relatively simple
    terms), you don't really understand it yourself."

    Looks like Phil has you pegged......................
  4. "Smarty" wrote in message
    I have given a reference. Please get back to us once you've read it.
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