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Sony SL-2700 Betamax

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Phoena, May 25, 2013.

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    "Right. We control banking, government, Hollywood, Las Vegas, the
    garment biz, the media, the FCC, and whatever else works well.
    Somewhere along the line, I seem to have forgotten to get rich. "

    You have your rich just like everyone else, and they did not get rich by being nice. Are they nastier ? Probably not. Are there more per capita ? Yes.Jews and Zionists are - for lack of a better word handy - overrepresented in certain areas, some mentioned in the quote.

    You know why ? Partly becausae they are a bit more qualified for those positions. Morality aside, because White Man has no fucking room to talk. I'm aWhite Man and I am serious. We are some of the nastiest motherfuckers on the planet, but we do have soem serious competition.

    Zionists and Hebrews are two competely different things. They claim some blood linkage to a certain stretch of land in the middle east due to a religion. But everyone else is equal - with each other. One of my favorites is tosay "You are equal" which is actually saying something quite different than "We are equal". You would be surprised at how many people out there don'tcatch that.

    But back to the official diversion here. Was Einstein a Zionist ? Was he Hebrew, Ashkenazi or what ? Does it matter ? Well he opposed the state of Israel. Even the creation of the state of Israel. Then we have Hebrews who also oppose Zionism as well as Israels existence, I forget the organization's name but the Rabbi I think is Yisroel Dovid Wiess. Both are called self hating Jews because of their views.

    I consider the whole lot to be a little off myself. Does that make me an anti-Semite ? Maybe. This bullshit about a God giving away someone else's land to a People chosen, but it requires blood. If your Mother is Jewish you are Jewish.

    Nothing foments racism in others more than shit like that. What's more I guess I am an equal opportunity anti-Semite because I think the Moslems are nuts as well. Clinging to archaic laws that are almost as bad as the ones written by Leviticus, whom I believe to have ingested some ergot or somethingbefore writing. Both Moslems and Jews circumcise their males, and whether it is at eight days or eight years. you are stil bigger than the kid and can strap him down. Or brainwash him into it.

    I call a spade a spade, I consider this shit crazy. You do not cut healthy bodies. It's not much better than FGM really. I've also read some peole on the subject of the nerve endings in the foreskin and it seems circumcision does actually impair sexual pleasure. Some say just as much as FGM, but I am not banking on that.

    People are clanish, that is a natural trait everyone tries to avoid, or conceal, except of course for what could be termed the modern Semites. Moslem and Jew alike. Apartheid type practices, looking the other way when "certain" violence occurs. Everybody does it.

    Now come the Jews who are generally better educated and have common sense. Greed ? Yes, just like anyone else, but I would say more in a position to exercise their greed.

    Admit it in yourself and forget the hate. Look, if I had a machine that would remove a dollar from everyone in this country and give it to me I would push the button. Again and again and again. And again.........

    There are alot of nasty motherfuckers out there but there is no sense in "hating", whatever the **** that means. They are how they are and when we getto visit an alternate timeline and have their advantagesa (not Jews specifically, the upper classes)), let's just see how fucking Mother Theresa likewe all are at that time.

    When the last war comes, armegheddon, the final solution, pogrom or whatever happens, and we get this planet back down under a billion people, things will be right. It might however, be a bit boring.
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    Now actually ON topic.

    Beta always was better than VHS. Even with all the advancement over the years, Beta stepped ahead. When SVHS used metal tape and upped the video carrier to 7 Mhz, Sony upped theirs to 8.6. An ED Beta recording is indiscernable from the original in NTSC, no matter how fgood a reciever you use, with digital COMB, wide I demod and allt that shit, you are very unlikely to percieve it, unless you know how to look for the effects of the COMB filter. Even then it isn't all that easy.

    That is one thing about both formats. Because of the nature of color under recording, they never upped the carrier frequency for that. They couldn't because the tapes would no longer be compatible, actually they wouldn't be anyway but the "retooling" was probably too expensive.
  3. Beta always was better than VHS. Even with all the advancement over the years,
    Beta stepped ahead. When SVHS used metal tape and upped the video carrier to 7
    Mhz, Sony upped theirs to 8.6. An ED Beta recording is indiscernable from the
    original in NTSC, no matter how good a reciever you use, with digital comb,
    wide I demod and allt that shit, you are very unlikely to percieve it, unless
    you know how to look for the effects of the comb filter. Even then it isn't
    all that easy.

    My God. Somebody else who understands non-equal-bandwidth color encoding.

    I wanted an ED Beta machine. Good thing I couldn't afford it.
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    I have the old Sony training manuals. Like the one where they explain why the pits on a CD are ¼ of a wavelength of light. This was before CDR.

    I read that, and also most of the trqaining manual for the Sony PCM-F1, thesuccessor to the PCM-1. It had 48 Khz sampling which made it better than CD quality.

    I also read a book called "Principles Of Digital Audio" I think, and in it the author wrote that CDs were capable of four channel sound but it was never marketed, I guess because the quadrophinic phase was over. All this Dolby shit wasn't quite all there yet, although I do believe there were CDs during the release of THX1138 which borne the name for THX sound. Well they usaed it anyway.

    I bet hindsight is 20/2o and they wish they would have persued four channelCDs. Center and sub are easy, but this would be a real four channel. Yearsago.

    Thinking logic here, that would probably half the playing time of a CD.

    One of the most important factors in the development of the CD was that it only be a certain diameter, so that in dash car units could be sold. Createa need and fill it. Now there is already a car. Make players and sell disks. That is how successful business works.

    I find it interesting sometimes to explore just why what happened. Why did Beta fail ? It didn't. It failed in the market. It was better and there is no doubt but average people didn't see the difference (if they were shown) and also wanted the longer recording time.

    Things were different ?, the COMB filter ? People used to watch TVs with bad CRTs and shit. Yup, the blue is gone, or the red, or the otha one. They would still watch it. you know, I wonder if that has an impact on their phyche to any measurable degree. They paint some jails pink........
  5. I read that, and also most of the trqaining manual for the Sony
    I'm confused. The PCM-F1 had 44.056kHz sampling when using an NTSC-format
    video recorder. You could choose between 14-bit and 16-bit quantization,

    CDs can have any number of channels, within the limit of how rapidly data can
    be read from the disk.

    There was a standard for four-channel recordings, in which the disk ran twice
    as fast and had 1/2 the two-channel playing time. Unfortunately, there was no
    backward compatibility -- the four-channel disks could not be played in
    two-channel on regular players. So they were never made.

    At least we have SACD and Blu-ray audio. I'd promoted surround sound since
    1970, and had to wait 30 years until a simple, not-horribly expensive system
    became available (SACD). (I still have quad open-reel tapes and a deck to play
    them on.)

    That wasn't the only consideration. Ease of handling and playing time were
    also factors.

    Many years ago I was visiting friends in Delaware. I joined them to watch TV
    with some of their friends. Their set was badly adjusted. I tweaked the
    tracking, and they were amazed at the improvement. They thought I was some
    kind of genius. (I am, but not when it comes to servicing color TVs.)
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    "I'm confused. The PCM-F1 had 44.056kHz sampling when using an NTSC-format
    video recorder. You could choose between 14-bit and 16-bit quantization,
    Been so damn long. It may be that the PCM-1 had that but it was dropped in the PCM-F1. I know it had a switch for better quality. It did not take moretape, but it made the recording incompatible. I kinda wondered incompatible with WHAT ? Hardly anyone had these things. But anyway, CD quality is notquite true sixteen bit, it is a bit faked and the reason for that is to get the minutes on a disk no more than the size they are. the other channels are irrelevant really, I just mentione that because not that many people know it, and they also do not know that most of the time their seven channelsof sound are derived from two, or if lucky,three distinct channels, at least at the mixing board.

    Don't get me wrong, the mixing board can show you and demonstrate as many channels as it wants, but that does not mmean you are getting that mant channels. You cannot have 99.5 FM on one and 1220 AM on the other, it doesn't work that way beyond two channels usually. It does sometimes, for ALOT of money, but most people only think they have that. Most of them just have two channels. You can have the fanciest surround sound reciever and nineteen speakers and all these modes like hall, auditorium, Folsom prison, my niggas car, the garage, but if all you input to that reciver is left and right there are only two channels. I know full well how they are matrixed and delayed and all that shit to "create" the rest. I did it myself a long time ago actually.

    Those who really do run digital all the way to the amp might actually have more channels, but then not on all source material. HAHAHAHAH, you just can't win I guess.

    And then, even with the "trigophonic" system i threw together when I was a kid, my Ma said "I only have two ears".

    Now I do not do surround. I mean me. I'll put a million speakers in some asshole's house if he has the money, but for me it is strictly stereo. Two well placed speakers that sound good and the sound sounds like it is coming right from them, which it is, and the stereo imaging is in the hands of the recording engineer. And I hear it as he heard it. GTHAT is high fidelity, not this nineteen speaker unk of today.
  7. wrote in message
    You know nothing about what you talk about, either technically or
    aesthetically. I've been involved with surround sound for 43 years, probably
    longer than you've been alive.

    I suspect you're the sort of person who deliberately says ridiculous things
    just to get peoples' goats. Well, my goats will stay in their pens.

    At least Cliff Claven is amusing.
  8. YES!!! Albert Einstein funded the Palestine pavilion at the New York Worlds
    fair 1939-1940. It was the only place that sold kosher food at the fair.
    In those days, the words Palestine and Palestinians referred to JEWS!!!

    He was offered the first Presidency of the State of Israel and turned it down.

    You should look up the source of the word Palestine and Palestinian. You
    will be surprised where it came from, who "gave" it to the area and
    the Jews and what it meant.
    Well, more bullshirt. You are a raving antisemite and a total ignoramus.

    The land in question was almost empty 3,000 years ago when the Jews showed
    up, and after the Romans dragged the Jews off into slavery in the year 73,
    it remained almost empty until the 1900's when the Jews returned.

    Read Mark Twain's "Innocents Abroad" for an unbiased, American Christian
    view of the land before the mass return of Jews in the 20th century.

    BTW, an Ottoman census in 1876 showed 86% of the population was Jewish.

    There simply was no Mosley or christian presence to speak of.

    As for blood, it's not uncommon, but the Moslem's use the father. So this
    makes a certain politician a Moslem whether he wants to be or not.

    The state of Israel takes a much more liberal view. To be accepted as a Jew,
    they use the NAZI definition, any Jewish grandparent. They also let in non
    Jewish family members, spouses, etc.

    A large portion of the population of Israel is Arab, they have full rights.
    They are exempt from mandatory army service, but there are plenty of them
    who have served. Over the years there have been Arabs serving as the
    President of Israel, the Chief Justice of the (equivalent of) the supreme
    court and so on.

    You also should note that in exchange for services rendered (developing
    the technology that allowed the allies to win the naval portion of WWI),
    Chaim Weizmann asked for a portion of land to be set aside for a Jewish
    homeland. In 1921 the League of Nations complied. In 1922, 85% of the land
    was taken away and given to the Hashemites, a minor Arab tribe and cousins
    of the House of Saud (Saudi royal family).

    For your information, although the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has a king
    who is very smooth talking and modern (he had a non speaking walk on
    cameo on a Star Trek episode), his country really is an apartheid state.

    About 1/3 of the population are nonHashemites (so called Palestinian Arabs)
    and during the "Arab Spring" the 80% of the constitution was changed
    to strip them of all rights. They no longer can buy land, attend higher
    education, and so on............

    Most of those so called Palestinians were resident in Jordan before
    Israeli independence, or where born there. No 14th amendment, no
    "anchor babies".

    Some migrated there from 1948-1967 when Jordan illegally occupied Israeli
    land and they were considered Jordanian citizens. There was some
    unpleasantness between the king and Yassar Arafat, and that was when they
    lost their citizenship and the apartheid started.

    Other countries have laws of return, for example the Irish Republic
    (instead of the apartheid state of Northern Ireland), Lithuania and Poland.

    Some people are lucky that way, a friend of mine researching her ancestry
    found that she was eligible to return to Poland, Lithuania, Bellarussia
    (aka White Russia) and Israel.
    Well, that's it. I guess you are not a Christian either, because Jesus was
    born, raised, and died a Jew, and he went around preaching Judaism.
    Jews don't have more common sense. They have an average IQ over the group.
    The ones that have better educations do so because their families raised them
    that way.

    Since the 1960's when all the extra money went to affirmative action, they
    had to pay their way. Almost all of the scholarships to Jews dried up by 1970.
    Same with nonjewish people too. The ones that went to school, spent their
    time studying, etc went somewhere. The ones that hung out on the street
    corner drinking beer, went nowhere.

    I know someone who being white and christian got no scholarship aid and
    worked her way through a bachelor's degree at $2 an hour work study
    jobs, a master's and 60 more credit hours by student loans and working
    a full daytime job, while being a single mother (widowed). She's
    almost 60 and is still paying off her loans.

    My point is she did it, and she wasn't Jewish. Lots of nonjews are like that.

  9. the my niggas car part was funny. I noticed the audio drivers on most
    computers have such silly modes, some of which are completely horrible,
    like "wide stereo" or something similar.

    As for real surround systems in the home, I have a fairly old 5 channel
    system. To be honest, yeah, there's at least 4 idle speakers most of the

    Sometimes something explodes, and there's some noise behind you, and some
    movies have the ugly CGI intro from the releasing company that might wake
    up all speakers for a few seconds.

    I'm usually more startled not by the sounds, but by the completely random
    effects they'll mix in surround, and only at random points in a movie.

    The movie folks do a really half assed job with surround sound is the
    short version of the story.

    If fuses blew on the amp, I'd not be in a hurry to start replacing them.
    I'd probably disable channels in the surround decoder.
  10. I never did a side by side comparison between VHS and Beta,
    I hope the following doesn't sound unduly ad hominem. However, the differences
    are plain.

    1 Betamax has more-stable tape motion. Without TBC, VHS has enough jitter to
    produce a sometime-ragged-looking picture.

    2 Betamax appears to have slightly better luminance /and/ chroma bandwidth.

    3 Sony's refusal to license its polarity-inversion chrominance-recording
    system forced JVC to use a quadrature system, which badly degraded color

    If you want conclusive proof, look for an article in one of the video mags
    (sorry, I don't remember which or when) where a source was repeatedly dubbed.
    Betamax held up for three or four dubs. VHS fell apart very quickly.

    Betamax represents a "reasonable" compromise for a consumer product. I
    consider myself a critical viewer, but I could watch Beta tapes without
    getting unduly upset. VHS was another matter.
  11. "Cydrome Leader" wrote in message
    That might be true. But I've spent many years listening to orchestral
    recordings enhanced with surround -- either from the recording itself, or a
    hall synthesizer -- and the improvement is huge.

    Circa 1980, I had a really high-quality quad system, with Lux electronics and
    Infinity speakers. People -- including a hi-fi dealer -- said "I don't like
    quad, but I like your system".
  12. Guest

    "You know nothing about what you talk about, either technically or
    aesthetically. I've been involved with surround sound for 43 years, probably
    longer than you've been alive. ..."

    Where ? I'm 52 and the only thing we had here 40 years ago that resembled surround was quadrophonic. Movies weren't even in stereo.

    I still have a Marantz CD4 decoder that I've used to transcribe vinyl to digital. There is no carrier but it is a damn good phono preamp.

    When I was a kid I discovered something, that when you connect a speaker between the two hots (+ or red) of an amp you get the difference signal. Thatis how the elcheapo method worked actually to get the rear channels but they used a resistor to common to allow some of the L+R, but only a portion of it. This does not work with amps that run the two channels out of phase, but those are kinda rare.

    Now they use OP AMPs pretty much for the basic surround. Digital delay is added for the effects like "hall", "auditorium" and so forth. It is all in achip but if you look back in the prints of older equipment that used discrete components you can figure it out. Also, along came a guy named Bob Carver who tried to do some tricks with digital delay and called it sonic holography. that baby was supposed to enhance the stereo image by sending a "null echo" for lack of a better term, to the opposite speaker. IIRC you were supposed to have them a certain distance apart for this "magic" to work properly.

    All junk as far as I am concerned. That is an opinion. In movies, the effects and ambience are excessive to the point wherte you can hardly understandthe dialogue and you have to crank it to hear it, and then a car blows up or something and it happens to be three AM. This annoys enough people that the TV manufacturers started equipping TVs with audio compressors, calling it "Smart Sound" or "Level Sound" or a few other names.

    If you lived in Europe or something 40 years ago maybe you had surround sound there, I have no way of knowing. All I know is that here in the US, the TV news has more dynamic range than the supposedly high fidelity FM radio. That's not so good either. We modulate at four times the level of European stations, why ? Also look at the difference in the European version and theUS one of Golden Earring - Moontan. The US version has the grooves much more modulated. Why ? Cheap turntables. Signal to noise ration is easier to deal with when things are LOUD, in fact something like that is stated in theoriginal explanation of how Dolby noise reduction works. (or worked, I think they just make surround chips now)

    The sheeple will actually buy an amp with 5 % more power for alot more money with all other things being equal. Seriously, you will not notice the difference between 110 watts and 120 watts if all other specs are equal. We know that. Marketing knows that. Alot of the market does not know that so guess what they sell.

    Except for the PC that feeds everything now, I am not really interested in audio equipment less than 20 years old. Older even. There are some exceptions, I might like a pair of Martin Logans or something like that, but those are not at Walmart. They may be well worth the money but I will not spend that much unless I hit the lottery, and I don't play because it's a sucker bet.

    Maybe I'm an old fuddy duddy. I see an RJ45 on an amplifier and I say to myself "Why ?". do we really need this shit ? And to me, really it doesn't sound better. You still don't see the THD rating on mosat speakers, you know why ? Because then peole might figure out paying twice as much for an equalpower amp with 0.003 % THD instead of 0.005 % is a waste of money because most speakers hit 1 % even at one watt. Shhh, don't tell.

    You made a mistake. I said I think stereo is it, and all this surround shitis junk and you failed to realize that is an opinion. That is my opinion, absolutely.

    These days the only TV or movies I watch is on the PC. I have the TV outputand it's hooked up to an amp. I WISH that amp has a mono selector. It actually does, but becasue I use the tape monitor in case I want to rip analog to the PC, the mono button does not work. Luckily most of the stuff I watchis ono anyway, just PLEEEEEZE do not try to fucking enhance is or give it fake stereo.

    Although they did remix some of the Star Trez TOS, but it seems they only did the effects and left the dialogue alone. Thank Peter Pan for that much.
  13. "You know nothing about what you talk about, either technically or
    aesthetically. I've been involved with surround sound for 43 years, probably
    longer than you've been alive. ..."

    I've snipped correct or generally correct statements.
    This is called DynaQuad. It was first officially proposed by David Hafler. The
    difference signal has a higher ratio of reflected-to-direct sound, so with the
    speakers to the sides or rear, there is an enhancement of ambience.

    Actually, matrixed surround is handled by DSP.
    Figure out what?

    Sonic Holography did not use digital processing. I had one of them, and with
    my own live recordings, the results were much closer to what I heard at the

    Not a valid opinion. When surround is used to record or synthesize hall
    ambience, it is a huge improvement.

    It might be an opinion, but it is verifiably an invalid opinion. Anyone who's
    heard good surround knows otherwise -- because surround brings you
    significantly closer to what you hear at a live performance.
  14. Smarty

    Smarty Guest

    Let me strongly affirm William Sommerwerck's comment above. I have also
    lived in the world of Carver Sonic Holography (or4iginal and 2
    subsequent redesigned and improved versions) as well as many discrete
    true 4 channel surround sound systems on open reel, CD4/Shibata LPs,
    derived surround from Dynaquad, CBS SQ Quad, Dolby, Ambisonics, and
    synthesized surround from Advent SoundSpace, , Yamaha DSPs, Sound
    Concepts bucket brigade CCD processor, and quite a few others.

    Used with discretion these have profoundly improved the reconstruction
    of a very credible and most enjoyable sound field vastly superior to the
    collapsed image which remains when only the front system is employed
    without surround.
  15. Smarty

    Smarty Guest

    Subsequent to the original release of quad headphones, in the late 60s,
    considerable research was done on ear / brain localization and spatial
    imaging, funded in part by the Air Force / DARPA (to facilitate heads up
    display direction of arrival cues for pilots being fired upon from 360
    degrees in azimuth). Some seminal work was done at the University of
    Darmstadt, Germany, the prior art upon which Bob Carver's original
    "sonic hologram' patent was granted.

    The technical significance of the findings was the intra-aural spacing
    of the typical human and the resulting time difference of arrival from
    the earlier to the later ear, combined with the comb filter created by
    the external ear's ridge structure (pinnae) allowed the brain to build a
    mental map of where things arrived from acoustically. A given angle of
    arrival in azimuth and elevation at a given frequency would have a
    learned interpretation of where it arose from. This was in addition to
    the reverb decay times and spectra influencing / defining the enclosed
    space in which the audio was captured / simulated.

    The bottom line was that headset design could not inherently replicate
    the intra-aural delays and especially the comb filter results accurately
    for all individuals, since each of us has a unique set of parameters.
    Partially successful alternatives such as binaural recording and
    playback have overcome this to some extent but not fully.
  16. Guest

    "He was offered the first Presidency of the State of Israel and turned it down. "

    I am aware of that. I think he refused it on principle, but really I think he should have taken the job. Did Einstein's principles make him an anti-Semite ?
    I did some time ago but forgot, the Romans ? I know they (Palestinians) didn't name it themselves. Does that negate any and all sovereignty claims ? Apparently in some peolle's eyes it does.
    Well, more bullshirt. You are a raving antisemite and a total ignoramus. "

    If you think an ad honinem attack is going to ruffle me forget it. I have been called worse. I have also been beaten to a pulp by three guys and shot in the face, so the namecalling is laughable. Sticks and stones, Got any ?

    However, regardless your demeanor here I will probably have to admit to being somewhat anti-Semmitic. that is strictly based on their adhesion to a religion that is detrimental to their well being, IN MY OPINION. Obviously they do not agree.
    who have served. "

    In the meantime there are Israeli Jews sitting in jail for refusing to serve in the IDF on moral grounds. I do not want to get into atrocities and kill ratio here, but nobody's right if everybody's wrong. It is a fucking messin the territories and both sides keep making it worse.
    born, raised, and died a Jew, and he went around preaching Judaism. "

    That is correct. I do have respect for Christ's ideals and I really believethat if everyone lived by His tenets (capitalisation for respectful purposes only), the world would be a wonderful place, near Utopia. He was one of the greatest prophets who ever lived, but that gives Him no right to forgive those who hurt ME.

    I also believe that there is nothing supernatural. In conventional terms that means no heaven or hell. There is probably some sort of afterlife but you are not meeting your ancestors. They are your ancestors because of a corporeal relationship, which is terminated upon death of the body. What littlespark of whatever in the mind that developed during corporeal life may well live on, but I think as more of a part of a huge collective. But you are not John Doe. John is what your Parents named you, Doe indicates paternity (or it did when things worked right). When you are dead, all of that is gone.

    I also respect that there is wisdom in the Bible. The main one who I thinkwas a nuts is Leviticus. Again, not everyone agrees. But no book holds me laws, even the government's.
    that way"

    Which is more prevalent among them than those who just sit their kids in front of the TV. I had no video games nor TV in my room until I was a teenager. I had no phone. I had no nothing almost - except books.

    Jews are smarter than many in the US on average because they pay attention to life. At least the ones I know or have known. This is not exclusive, a friend of mine is not Jewish but his son is making $130,000 a year before hitting thirty years old. It's a matter of life experience when young and I participated in it among others. When you grow up among studious people, guess what.

    I want everyone to understand, my anti-Semitism, if it is even such, only has to do with certain things. The people themselves, Moslem or Judaic, if they do not want to kill the infidels (which would be me) we can get along.

    The government of Israel is a different story. I swear they are the only worse government in the world worse than than ours.
  17. Guest

    "All Sony machines needed a TBC to meet
    FCC requirements, but I could feed a $79 VHS tape into our Vital
    Industries Squeezezoom and get a picture that was stable enough to

    I find that extremely hard to believe. I do believe it about the Sonys because of tape drag, but I find it hard to believe they let you broadcast right out of a VHS. You sure there might not have been another TBC downsteam ?

    Some Sony pro equipment just incorporated the TBC, did someone turn it off or something ?
  18. Guest

    :We all know that you think you know
    everything about eveyrthing, and you've bragged about being the best in
    your field."

    I do come off as a pompous ass huh. This best in the field, someone else said that. And it only applies to this state.

    Your field is not my field. I am also not what I once was. My ield actully narrowed, it was lucrative for a time, but no more.

    Yeah, twenty years ago I was the HNIC. I knew now to get sit done, the best, the fastest. The owners of the company did what I told them to do. If you really have to have proof, /I can arrainge a meeting. They would testify to this in court.

    Anyway, enough of this tweet twat.

    What about this dude's SL-2700 ? You WANT this to work, know why ? It is not SuperBeta, and has no RMS detector ?which means COPYGUARD DOES NOT WORK. It just records it.

    Now if you take that Beta tape and record it back to VHS, the copyguard is still there. It will **** up the copy just like the original did.

    But as the proud owner of the SL-2700 or some other nice Soy deck, HYOU can view the movie at any time. I won't be selling mine. (SL-HFR60 with the HFP100)
  19. Guest

    "This is called DynaQuad. It was first officially proposed by David Hafler..

    OFFICIALLY. The same thing has been caled everything. Quad this and quad that. From Alphaquad to Omegaquad lol. And when that $65 Dolby chip is in simple surround, it simply just nulls part of the L+R signal. It does work a bit better than a resistor though, if that's what you want.
  20. The problem with you "beta was better" guys is you never admit that during
    the great vhs vs. beta wars, 99% of the people who bought them had crap
    televisions that probably couldn't produce 280 lines of resolution.

    I'd bet most tv's in the late 70's when home video started to gain ground
    still had some vacuum tubes.

    It was a coax hookup, not line outs.

    If there was a difference on paper, thats where the difference ended.

    The simple fact of the matter was, most people simply could not tell the
    difference from one to the other. People with trained eyes, possibly.

    There was no day and night difference between them, there couldn't of been
    because few people owned any kind of set to watch them on, to notice the

    The only credit I give the beta format was when the copy protection shit
    came out (copyguard), what worked on vhs, didn't on beta. So if you needed
    to make an archival copy of something, doing it from beta worked better.

    I'm with the other guys, mechanically, beta machines were built like shit
    and didn't last long in normal use. Transport problems were difficult to
    repair and usually didn't last. Being they were usually more expensive than
    the vhs counterparts, they were just a poor value for the money.

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