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Sony S-VHS Pro Deck

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Michael Fiedler, May 31, 2006.

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  1. I am trying to fix a Sony S-VHS Pro Deck that had no audio. After
    completely cleaning the tape path I was able to restore audio, except
    it has a buzz in it. Is this because the scanner is wearing out and
    because the audio gets recorded in the video it is the first to be
    noticed? Video looks fine.
  2. K `Sleep

    K `Sleep Guest

    More than likely your heads are becoming worn. There are 2 sets of tracks
    that are usually recorded in s-vhs, afm tracks that are recorded with the
    video, and longitudinal tracks that are recorded separately. Can you switch
    between the 2 sets of tracks to discern if its only one set of tracks that
    arte affected?
  3. I have to do some more checking, but I believe the buzz is when I am
  4. HiFi machines had a switch point adjustment. The procedure is pretty simple
    but usually requires a service manual and always requires a dual-trace
    oscilloscope. The 30 hz head switching pulse for the hifi is adjusted so
    that no dropout of the hifi fm waveform is observed on the 'scope. Once
    adjusted, no buzz should be audible.

    Tape path misalignment can also cause the same symptom.

    The head drum would have to be worn indeed to cause any similar symptom.

    Mark Z.
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