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Sony power supply parts cross reference

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Dave, Sep 3, 2003.

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  1. Dave

    Dave Guest

    Good Day All,

    I am still trying to get these parts from a local shop that may be
    able to get Sony components. However, either the shop is reluctant to
    order me these parts (for fear of losing bigger piece of the pie when
    they can fix the problem for me at 10X or 15X the cost), or their
    computer is really down. Then, I hope someone in this NG would help?

    The problem is relatively common for 93, 94 Sony TV, mine is of
    chassis AA1, of "sudden death". A cold solder joint or more at one of
    the push-pull transformer output going to the (usually) horizontal
    transistor outputs (Q601, Q601) eventually caused them to fail

    The transistor generic P/N are obvious, but I need to also replace
    those varistors and fusible link(s) and would need industry parts that
    cross Sony's varistors and fusible links.

    Q601 (2SC4834) 8-729-019-51
    Q602 (2SC4834) 8-729-019-51
    VDR601 Varistor 1-807-288-11
    VDR602 Varistor 1-810-053-11
    VDR603 Varistor 1-810-053-11
    R607 Fusible 0.1 ohm 1-202-933-61
    R644 Fusible 6.8 ohm 1-212-853-61

    Any helps is appreciated.
  2. john

    john Guest

  3. There are enough incorrect and inconsistent statements in your post to
    indicate that you may be making more trouble for your self and are about to
    waste money on parts that you may blow if you are not more careful.

    First, the two transistors listed are not horizontal outputs at all.
    Second, if cold solder joints that are common on these sets caused the
    problem, the HOT would be shorted.
    Third, if there is anything other than the HOT, Q601,2 and R607 damaged, the
    source of the problem was NOT the bad connections at the HDT and you need to
    be more thorough about testing the PS.
    Fourth, it is a common misconception that original Sony parts are necessary
    to replace Q601,2. The VDRs need to be Sony originals. It is also a
    misconception that all three VDRs always need to be changed. Change them if
    they are bad. If they are, you can bet there is more wrong with the PS than
    the parts you listed.
    Fifth, if you don't know how to test the supply one you fix it, the "fix"
    may be short-lived, Sony parts or generics.

    Most people without Sony training and without a lot of experience with these
    sets would be better off getting the relevant training materials and being
    more cautious about testing, or get the set to an experienced Sony servicer.
    These "routine" repairs have driven many otherwise decent techs nuts.

    Frankly, I would not sell you the parts, either. The $80 labor + parts that
    I charge for most of these repairs is a fair price for my experience,
    training, and time. You can get the parts from many distributors
    (Tritronics, Andrews, Vance Baldwin, MCM, etc) and I am not in the parts
    supply business. The shop should tell you, however, if this is the case,
    rather than stringing you out.

    Leonard Caillouet
  4. Jeff Soergel

    Jeff Soergel Guest

    These are standard parts, call Fulton Radio @ 1-800-248-0898, they are a
    Sony parts distributor.
  5. Thanks for the kind words. There are actually quite a few like me that you
    will find in this group. If you look around more you might even find some
    in your area. My experience is that most markets have at least one
    professional servicer and a few half-ass shops.

    Leonard Caillouet
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