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Sony part info?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Tim Schwartz, Jun 21, 2013.

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  1. Tim Schwartz

    Tim Schwartz Guest

    Hello all,

    I got a call from a customer (or potential customer) who has a Sony
    CDP-XA7ES CD player with a non functioning drawer.

    NOTE: I'm not 100% sure on the model number, as his accent was hard to

    Anyway, he had spoken to Sony about it, who told him it needed a
    875286435 (8-752-864-35) IC, which was no longer available. I confirmed
    that the IC is discontinued by Sony, but I don't know what the generic
    part is. If it is a microprocessor with software on it, then its really
    NLA. If its a motor drive IC, then I might be able to find it.

    I realize that this may all be a moot point, as the problem could be
    mechanical, but I'm hoping someone here might have a manual and be able
    to tell me what this IC is.

    Many thanks,
    Tim Schwartz
  2. David Farber

    David Farber Guest

    Hi Tim,

    Try this link.

  3. Guest

    I don't know what you use for a browser and a search engine, but I think you might want to get back to Google. In ten seconds, literally :

    Which gives us the semi-generic Sony number :

    Which shows it is an eight bit microprocessor in something like a QFP or whatever package. Don't bother trying to get the datasheet from that site, they won't give it up. The only way you get it from them is IF in the Google results the actual URL ends in "PDF". If your search engine or browser doesnot show the actual URL of the results with extension at the bottom of thedescription, get rid of the piece of shit. You NEED this in this business.I still exclusively use Google and IE8 for business. If it ends in HTML, you will only get a datasheet from a manufacturer's or vendor's site usually..

    This means you will have to probably find new old stock. And BTW, are the symptoms really whacky or something ? If the unit works but it just doesn't load right it sounds like either a mechanical problem or the motor driver IC. Microprocessors very rarely go bad.

    What's more, Sony does not want you to fix this. They will, for $1.18 for the part and $179.95 labor, which will sell a new CD player which either they built, or contains some components from their components division.

    Never trust them. In fact I have proven them wrong so many times I stopped even calling them 20 years ago.

  4. Yeah - Elektrotanya has the manual.
    I went ahead and researched the part.

    It's IC201, a CXP84124-025Q the system controller micro.

    I don't trust their "diagnosis" . For years now Sony simply identifies a
    part which is no longer available, and says "sorry - part not available"
    just to get out of the repair.

    Trust your own troubeleshooting. Personally I'd be looking first at
    lubrication and loading belt issues...

    They still have actual techs working at the Laredo TX (actually Mexico?)
    facility, but if your unit is over 5-7 years old you can just about forget

    Mark Zacharias
  5. Guest

    "Trust your own troubeleshooting. "

    I think that should be rule number one.

    I was at one shop where when a tech got stumped on a unit he had to put it all back the way it was. I don't mean all the screws but electronically - remove jumpers and restore any disconnections used for testing. Then it goesto the next guy (usually me) and the other guy is told to shut up and not say a word unless and until I ask something. The idea here was to get a purely fresh perspective on the problem. It wasn't to the point of unreplacingparts, but make it so it doesn't go poof when you plug it in.

    As for Sony, they were terrible up here 25 years ago. Sometimes we had to send them a thing or two and I noticed the bill was not honest. They didn't even want you to know what they did.

    Sony is in the business of selling, not fixing and always has been. At least 25 years ago they had a quality product. Now the name means nothing. Wellit does mean one thing - "The parts herein do not fit anything else and noother parts fit herein with the possible exception of those devices with three or less terminals".
  6. Sony is in the business of selling, not fixing
    That's not altogether correct. Sony used to have a customer service center
    outside Washington. I took an item or two there for repair.

    In one case (a dictating machine) Sony botched the diagnosis and told me the
    machine couldn't be fixed. I buttonholed the manager, explained why the
    diagnosis did not fit the symptoms, and they fixed it -- at no charge. (Yes,
    that's rather surprising for any company.)
  7. Sony used to have a customer service center
    Duh. I meant Seattle.
  8. Tim Schwartz

    Tim Schwartz Guest

    Thanks all,

    I searched for the part number, not the manual. Must have been past my
    bedtime. Yup, the IC is a discontinued micro.

    I've not seen the unit yet, and I do realize that there is a better
    chance of a mechanical failure than an electronic one. On the other
    hand, I have seen a few Sony micros have ports go bad so that everything
    worked except the tray.

    Tim Schwartz
    Bristol Electronics
  9. Guest

    Let's see, you had to help them diagnose a dictaphpone. Now when guys come applying for a job at your shop and you look at their resume'.........

    And down here in the lower 46½, we consider that even if you are sitting in a basement in the state of Washington, you are still outside.
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