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sony music system

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Jun 19, 2008.

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  1. Guest

    Hi All

    I have an old Sony MUSIC system which only plays audio cd . It cannot
    play MP3 . I want to changed only the cd system so that it can play
    the MP3 at least . Could any one help me in this regards

    Thank in advance.
  2. It is impossible, you'd have to replace pretty much everything but the
    case and the laser. Throw it out and buy a CD player which supports MP3
    - they're cheap as chips.

    Nicholas Sherlock
  3. b

    b Guest

    As nicholas says, i't pretty much unfeasible.
    your best option here is to connect an MP3 player to the line input
    sockets of your stereo, using its amplifier. or in the same way,
    connect up a recent dvd player which plays mp3 cds.

  4. go to the sony website download the latest firmware for your stereo
    and burn it to cd and put it in the cd player and turn on the stereo
    and wait a few minutes.

  5. On an older Sony stereo? Dream on...

    Mark Z.
  6. b

    b Guest

    Methinks stephany is a troll Mark, just look at the ridiculous
    answers to other recent posts!
  7. Methinks you better shut the **** up before you call a moderator of a
    newsgroup a 'troll'.

    Nobody is impressed with your grandstanding anyway and it's you that
    will suffer in the end when I deny you access to post on this
  8. b

    b Guest

    ROFL. delusions of grandeur, and on an unmoderated group, ah bless.
    someone shoulda told 'em..
  9. Definitely a fag.

    Couldn't disagree with "B" now could we?

    What's "B" doing now? Sucking your dick? Sticking his in your asshole?
    Maybe he likes to take a shit in your mouth?
  10. Guest

    Stephy Methinks you best follow your own advise.

    This is a USENET Un-Moderated group and you can not be made moderator
    without disolving the group and re forming it with a moderated charter.

    It seems that you have validated the person you responded so vhemently
    to's obsevatinons by self proclamiation of ownership of this unmoderated

    May you have better luck in you next life.

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