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Sony Multiscan 200GS (CPD 200GST) problems in 'Standard Mode'

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Laziter [9440], Dec 28, 2003.

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  1. Hi there

    I've got this monitor (see subject) with a little problem..

    In 'Standard Mode' the picture is red with lines coming from the right down
    to the left.
    When I enter the 'Presentation Mode' on the monitor the picture looks fine,
    but I can't do much to change the color temperature since this mode is for
    presentation graphics.

    What can be done to solve this problem, as it is an annoyment to me when I
    turn on my computer I have to change mode manually every time?

    (remove NOSPAM to mail me)
  2. In 'Standard Mode' the picture is red with lines coming from the right down
    Have you tried to change the color temperature when in standard mode?

    There are three ways to adjust the color temperature with your monitor:

    You can use the 9300 kelvin setting.

    You can use the 5000 kelvin setting.

    You can adjust the temperature settings manually using the "variable" option.

    Is your monitor's color temperature settings set for 9300, 5000, or VARIABLE
    when in the standard mode?

    Also, it sounds like you need to adjust the convergence on your monitor. These
    settings are under "SCREEN" on the menu. - Reinhart
  3. Tried that.. Very red picture..
    Tried that.. Looks more yellow with this setting
    Tried that too.. Nothing changes what so ever..
    See above answers..
    Adjusting the convergence has no impact on the monitor, it's still red or
    yellow depending on the color temperature..

    Also those lines I mentioned, still remain, there 8-10 fine lines across the
    screen starting from top right moving slightly down to the left side of the
    The screen also flickers a bit when I turn on my computer, but I think
    that's normal as it changes resolution during the startup sequence.

    Is there any (damaged) components that could cause this problem?

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