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Sony Model KPR4110 Rear Projection TV

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Tom Daisley, Jun 13, 2005.

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  1. Tom Daisley

    Tom Daisley Guest

    Looking for a schematic for this receiver. If anyone has one available I
    would appreciate E copy. Don't want to open it without a forehand look at
    the possible area to check. The fault looks either video or focus with one
    colour missing. Have schematics for kpr48 but not for 41". Check the normal
    sites for schematics but none. Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. Guest

    No e-schematic available, way too old. Probably 10 years
    pre-electronics service manuals at least.

    Start with the basics. Given the age you could very well be simply
    looking at severely contaminated crt coolant. The blue could be almost
    totally blocked, the green mostly blocked.

    Loss of one color should be pretty easy to track down without a
    schematic for 99% of the usual stuff.

    The poor focus could very well simply be worn out picture tubes due to
    age, or convergence circuit failures.

    If you need a schematic, you possibly cannot even buy one due to the
    age of the set. But worth a shot to try and borrow one on paper from a
    real service center near you.
  3. Guest

    Old ? 1986 !.

    I have one but it might take some time to find it.

    Point is you probably don't need it, what you described is probably
    coolant contamination. That set uses SD186 series tubes and to do a
    coolant change is very difficult. The upside is the the cooling system
    actually worked and you'll find very little phosphor burn-in, and the
    emission is likely to still be good. I've only seen one weak SD186 and
    it was a blue. I'm pretty sure someone had set the blue focus to dead
    sharp and cranked the drive. (you must leave the blue a bit out of
    focus on some PTVs, and this is definitely one of them)

    If you determine it's coolant and decide to undertake the job, post
    back, there are a few caveats to know. Almost no TV shop will do it
    because it is so time comsuming.

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