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Sony KVJ21SZ2 Fault (BG2s Chasis?)

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Mitchell McCreath, Nov 9, 2005.

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  1. Morning all,
    My TV Has decided to throw in the sponge.

    Initial fault was that the TV was dead. This was traced to a blown
    Switching regulator.
    (STRS 6707). Which was replaced. Set ran for about 20 minutes then bye
    Another 6707 bit the dust. mmmm. Maybe the diode associated with it was
    tired. So another 6707 was put in as well as two BY299 in parallel.
    This repair lasted about 30 minutes. The result was another shorted 6707.

    Any idea friends?,
  2. did you use genuion Sony parts???.......don't laught this can make the
    difference with sony sets. where are you ? i'm in melb.
  3. NSW

  4. OK then contact WES in Ashfield 02-9797-9866
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