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Sony KV36XBR200

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Rick N Pam, May 15, 2007.

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  1. Rick N Pam

    Rick N Pam Guest

    A friend of mine has a Sony KV36XBR200. He describes the problem as:
    The video cycles through the following conditions 1) a few seconds of
    excellent video 2) the screen becomes "green-ish" 3) the screen goes black
    4) the cycle starts over.

    He said the HV appears to stay up and the sound remains normal during this

    Does anybody have any experience with this problem? Please respond to group
    only...I can't take all the junk email any more.

  2. What sources and inputs is the problem on? How long is each part of the
    cycle? Is sound affected? Do the menus and OSD work normally?

  3. Rick N Pam

    Rick N Pam Guest

    I've obtained some additional information on this problem.

    The timing of the sequence is: about 2 seconds of good video, about 1/2
    second of green and about 2 seconds of black screen. The sequence then
    starts over.

    He also stated that it does this whether on tuner or line input and that the
    OSD is visible only during the visible video portion of the sequence, but
    disappears during the black sequence. The sound remains normal throughout.
    He did not listen for the sound (static) of the HV coming and going, so I'm
    not certain about that aspect.

    Is this a possible activiation (or malfunction) of an X-ray protection
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