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SONY KV36FS10 No Raster - No OSD - Continuous LED Blinking

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Bruno Gentile, Sep 1, 2005.

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  1. SONY KV36FS10 Chassis: AA-2W

    I have a SONY TV that goes into standby mode (continuous LED blinking -
    once a second) almost instantly. The sound stays on and I can changes
    channels - but no OSD.

    Q301 becomes enabled by the protection circuit and grounds pin 18 of IC355,
    which in turn, turns off pin 19 (HO) eliminating horizontal drive signal to
    Q501 and so on.

    I see the required waveforms in the horizontal section before going into
    standby mode. However, pincushion transistor Q512 has -8.3 v on the
    collector instead if the +27.4v and L511 has visible signs of reaching high
    heat stress. The DC resistance across L511 (out of circuit) was 2.6 ohms
    and R528(10 ohms) showed a 7.85 volt drop. I changed pin output Q512, HOT
    Q502 and Damper Diode D504 - nothing changed. I did not find any shorted
    caps or other bad diodes in the horizontal circuit.

    I removed the 12v regulator (IC650) so I could trouble shoot a few seconds
    at a time and then turn off the set. When I removed IC650 I found that the
    OSD would display and I could see the filaments lit.

    I would like to get this set up and running - can somebody offer any advice?

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