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Sony KV27XBR37 suddenly stopped working

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by techtrainer, Aug 4, 2003.

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  1. techtrainer

    techtrainer Guest

    Hi All:
    Please help. My Sony Trinitron TV (model KV27XBR37) suddenly stopped
    working today after 8.5 years of flawless performance. This is what
    - all of a sudden lost picture, but sound was perfect
    - tried switching on the VCR (trying to watch through that) but no picture
    - the 'timer/stand by' light kept blinking during this time.
    - I switched it off, checked all the connections, disconnected from main
    power supply and then connected again. Switched it on, but got only the
    sound, no picture and the 'timer/stand by' light continued blinking
    - and then all of a sudden it just died, as if it was a timer to die. I
    am not able to switch it on.
    - I smelt a faint burning smell in the room which I could trace it back to
    the TV itself, but have no idea what it could be.

    Please help. I have no extended warranty left on the TV .. looking for
    any help. I bought the TV in Dec 1994 from Circuit City.
    Calling Sony didn't help .. they just referred me to a local repair place.

    Thanks very much.
    -- Bill
  2. Sofie

    Sofie Guest

    There are many dozens of different faults that can cause the symptoms you
    described.... and in light of the fact that you did not post any basic
    technical troubleshooting information what so ever such as DMM voltage
    readings, component test results, etc, etc .... I think that Sony's
    telephone advice to you was absolutely correct...... get your television to
    a service shop for a proper and safe repair.... or at the very least have
    the shop give you a repair cost estimate so you can make an intelligent
    repair decision with facts instead of internet guesses. This can not be
    done over the phone or over the internet..... an experienced and
    knowledgeable tech with actual test equipment, tools, proper replacement
    parts, etc, etc must do some real hands-on testing and troubleshooting in
    order to determine the fault. While this model of Sony is an excellent
    television it can present even an experience repair tech a challenge to
    repair..... an inexperienced novice without the proper test gear won't have
    a chance.
    Without you doing the initial basic troubleshooting at your end all we can
    do is give you wild guesses. You might want to go to the website for this
    newsgroup at
    There, with some searching, you will find a wealth of troubleshooting tips,
    repair procedures, component testing methods and IMPORTANT safety
    information that will help you to stay away from dangerous and lethal
    electrical shock hazards inside your television.... note that these hazards
    can still be present even when the television is turned off and
    unplugged.... be very careful.
    If, after reading through the repairfaq, you are still not certain how to
    proceed with the troubleshooting and repair you should follow Sony's advice
    and take it to a local repair place..... it might be safer for you and
    better for your television.
  3. techtrainer

    techtrainer Guest

    Thanks, Daniel.

    Yes, I agree .. I was not going to try opening the TV and try to
    fiddle with anything, probably too dangerous. It was probably not
    clear from my message, but I'm hoping someone on this group may have
    had a similar problem with this model TV.

    So to rephrase, anyone experience something similar .. if yes, I'd
    love to hear your experience.

    -- Bill
  4. David

    David Guest

    There are literally lots of things that can cause that broad and
    general of a symptom. Yes, we have seen lots of Sony sets like that
    one and similar models come in being dead. Yes, there were almost
    always different internal causes for the failures.

    The only way to know is to take the set into a Sony experienced shop
    for proper repair estimate.

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