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Sony KV20TS30 CRT PIcture Death

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Apr 17, 2007.

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    I have a 20" Sony CRT TV Model KV20TS30 that is possibly about 16
    years old. About 6 years ago it was the subject of a successful
    "Internet TV Repair" thanks to the experts in this usenet group and
    has been working beautifully these last 6 years.

    Now the displaying of the picture has decided to die. The problem
    started as an intermittent one and then it died altogether. The best
    way I can describe the problem is that the power still comes on and
    the remote or the tv can display the channel number in green in the
    upper right corner of the screen - in fact, all these auxiliary
    functions that use green displays on the screen work just fine but the
    tv no longer tunes in a station (I'm using cable) and you get no sound
    or display. During the period of time when it was intermittent, you
    could turn the power on and off several times and usually cause it to
    come to life. Now you can't.

    I'm hoping some of you same experts out there have a feel for what
    could be wrong!

    TIA, Terry
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