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Sony KV-L34MN11

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by TKL, Feb 16, 2004.

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  1. TKL

    TKL Guest

    Need help on this TV model Sony KV-L34MN11. When power ON a start sound can
    be heard "Tun", then no audio, no video, relay on power board continuously
    'click' sound. How can i start to find the trouble?

  2. Peta

    Peta Guest

    If it were mine I would firstly check to find out if the power supply relay is
    in good condtion Next disconnect the Line output transistor. If the same problem
    still exists isolate the power supply from the rest of the TV. Connect a 75 watt
    globe as a load. If there is no change then the problem is probably in the power
    supply section. If the power supply now is running ie the globe lights up and
    stays on then the problem is that a severe load is being place on the main power
    line when you switch the set on which is enough to shut the set down. This is
    usually associated with the line output stage, possibly a new line output
    transformer is needed. Before replacing the lopt check the vertical output and
    sound ICs for shorts and any zener diodes. Check any diodes in the secondary of
    the line output transformer. It is never ending until you come to the faulty
    part When you do and you then replace it and the TV starts it is a great feeling
    that you have made a $5000.00 peice of rubbish come to life.

    All the best Peta**
  3. The power supply performance must be verified. Then look for any
    shorted circuits in the main part of the set, especialy in the scan
    sections. It is very common that the HOT, and flyback assy fail
    causing this type of fault. If these are failed, you will also have to
    find the cause, or they shall most likely fail again when the power
    has been re-applied.

    These types of faults can be difficult for the home hobbiest to
    service. You may find it more feasable to give the set out to an
    authorised service center to repair. You may end up spending a lot on
    parts, and still have re-damage or no results. It is best to have the
    service manual, training, test tools, and proper setup to service
    these sets. There are also many safety issues when servicing a TV set.

    Jerry Greenberg
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