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Sony KV-36HS500 TV

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Rob, Aug 15, 2007.

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  1. Rob

    Rob Guest

    I am having some problems with this 36" tv. Sometimes it will turn on
    and sometimes it won`t. I had it on all day last Sunday and shut it off
    and the next day it would not turn on. It will make the usual clicking
    noises from the relays and the standby light blinks, but thats it. I
    have tried to hit the side to see if I had a bad solder joint or to see
    if something might be loose, but it was no use. I do have a service
    manual for this and according to the 7 blinks from the standby light it
    indicates "horizontal deflection stopped". I just wanted to check to see
    if someone might have run into this problem on this series of tv before
    I jump in and start checking things. Thanks, Rob
  2. electrotech

    electrotech Guest

    Once i've had a similar problem with a Philips TV set, and it turned
    out to be a very thin crack in the solder joint on the flyback, very
    difficult to see, and gave very odd symptoms a bit like the ones
    you're describing. A magnifier might help to see these cracks.
    Otherwise, supply problems, try to see with a scope how is the supply
    of the flyback.

    Hope it helps. Good luck!
  3. Most likely one of the regulator ICs. You need to start by changing the
    MCZ3001D in both the HV and Horizontal drive circuits. They are cheapest if
    you buy them under the Hitachi part number rather than the Sony, which I do
    not recall at this time.

    If that is not the fix, you could have any number of problems and these are
    difficult to troubleshoot. The next most likely thing would be the flyback.
    The ICs fix most of them.

  4. Rob

    Rob Guest

    Thank you Leonard, I heard something before in reference to an IC in the
    power supply. I will pop them in and hope as this is a very complicated
    piece of equipment. I been working on electronic equipment for years,
    but this would be a head ache for the most experienced! Rob
  5. Rob

    Rob Guest

    Thank you for the tip. Thats what I was thinking at first, but I figured
    by hitting it on the side would have some effect if it were just a loose
    solder joint. It still didn`t do anything, but I have seen bad solder
    joints where hitting it had no effect. I had someone else tell me about
    the regulators on this set. I had read something about that at one time
    on the web somewhere. I am going give that a shot. I hope this tv
    doesn`t turn into a difficult project! Rob
  6. The Hitachi part number is CP08451U, btw. I just read your replay and I am
    at the shop where I could check it. The latest version that I have received
    from Hitachi is the MCZ3001DB and they have worked fine in the Sony sets.

  7. Usually just IC8002. B & D Enterprises has them for 9.00 each.


    Get the DB version, it's improved.

    Mark Z.
  8. Rob

    Rob Guest

    Thanks for the info Mark! Rob
  9. Rob

    Rob Guest

    Thanks Leonard, the IC`s did the trick! I am glad it fixed it, it would
    not be fun to troubleshoot a tv that big. Rob
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