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Sony KV-35S66

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by John Smith, Aug 10, 2012.

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  1. John Smith

    John Smith Guest

    Sony KV-35S66 manufactured in 1999

    At power on there is the usual degauss buzz and a blank raster then appears
    (slightly bluish) which then fades to almost black level but never

    There is no signal or noise (audio or video), either from the tuner or the
    AV inputs.

    The remote control seems to work fine and all the on screen setup menus work
    fine all the time.

    I connected a VCR to the RF and told it to tune. Now there is only channel 3
    so it's like the tuning worked but no picture or sound is getting through.

    It's not hard to find the service manual KV32S42.pdf but I have no previous
    experience with this set.

    Google found a site saying that this can be due to problems with the
    vertical output but there is always a perfectly good raster just no signal.
    The only thing I can get it to display is its setup menus and I don't see
    anything wrong in there.

    I also unplugged it for half an hour but still the same on power up.

    So I think the customer will be told it's time for new set unless someone
    can tell me which board/component to go for.

    I haven't moved it yet due to its size and weight.


    Old Guy
  2. There is no signal or noise (audio or video), either
    These observations strike me as suggesting good places to start
  3. John Smith

    John Smith Guest

    They do to me too. But as I said, I haven't moved or opened it yet.
    I've had a quick look at the service manual but not a detailed look yet.
    Whether or not I do move and open it depends on whether I think it's going
    to be worth doing that or not in the next few days.

    Old Guy
  4. Guest

    Think it through logically. IC351 - the video jungle IC is working -
    it generates the menus. It is also obvious the tuner-micon (IC001) is
    working - it found the vcr on the RF input (nice trick, that. I'll
    have to remember it.) That pretty much leaves IC261 - the A/V switch
    (and of course the surrounding components).

    As far as 'is it worth repairing?', it depends on the customer. He
    can pick up (literally) a 40" LCD TV from Walmart for under $300 that
    will blow the Sony away for sharpness and brightness - and probably
    suck for sound. And the TV from Wallyworld will have virtually no
    chance ofl working for 12 years. OR he can pick up a 32"- 36" CRT TV
    on Craigslist for under $50. But wouldn't you rather he gave the
    money to you?

  5. Jerry G.

    Jerry G. Guest

    It has been a long time since I worked on this model series. I used to do Sony TV warranty service back in the CRT days.

    I had problems with both the tuner and IF modules in this series of Sony set. Normally I did not service the modules. I changed them. When I was doing service I kept an inventory of these modules.

    There were times when I did try to see if I can fix the module. I remember having problems with the coils. In the IF module the AGC circuit sometimes gave problems. I cannot remember the exact details because it has been too long for me to remember...

    Considering that the modules are probably no longer available, and there would be a lot of time involved, the customer would be a lot better off with a new LCD set having HD capability.

    Jerry G.
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