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Sony KV-35S36 - is the tube shorted?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by William Buchholz, Oct 9, 2003.

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  1. When I power it up the screen is bright blue with retrace lines. The
    picture is barely visible except for some faint outlines. The
    voltages on the CRT are the following:
    Blue Cathode: 139V
    Green Cathode: 206V
    Red Cathode: 206V
    G1: connected to ground on socket
    G2: around 500V but the voltmeter is probably loading this down
    Heater: 6V

    I tried using my B&K 445 tube tester to see if the tube it shorted. It
    tests OK but I don't know if it works properly on Trinitron tubes. I
    used an isolated heater supply but it made no difference in the
    picture. Switching the red and blue cathodes resulted in a slightly
    purple picture but still mostly blue. I would like to know how to
    confirm if the blue gun is really shorted out. Thanks.
  2. kc8adu

    kc8adu Guest

    pull the socket and measure the blue cathode being low is causing
    the bright blue.
    if it returns to normal its the tube.
  3. I had this exact same model in the shop with a small crack on the CRT board
    causing the exact symptom.

    Try flexing the board....if not look closely with magnifying loop in bright

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  4. Wild Bill

    Wild Bill Guest

    I'm not sure about the model 445 tester, but the 466 (and maybe other BK
    units of that era) had an external accessory for checking different gun
    designs. I think the adapter had 2 settings, normal/direct, maybe. Directly
    heated tube designs were marked in the tube charts.

    Sony guns were made differently than most others back then, directly heated
    or some other peculiarity.

  5. kc8adu

    kc8adu Guest

    the only direct heater cathode sony tubes i have seen are in the kv-5xxx
    sets.some of the old b&k testers need a special adapter to do common g1 g2
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