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Sony KV 35S26 -- Audio but no raster

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by lurknowhere, Feb 19, 2004.

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  1. lurknowhere

    lurknowhere Guest

    How about a Sony KV 35S26 that when switched on comes up with audio but no
    raster -- black screen. In the beginning it would take only a few minutes
    before the video would appear. As time passed the problem worsened, it
    would take 45 minutes or longer. Finally, the owner just left the set on
    all the time to avoid the waiting period. Then it started to suddenly go
    dark and stay totally dark, with sound. That's when he called me.

    This is a big heavy set and I'm not really in the business now to bring it
    home with me. I know some of the intermittent PS solder connection problems
    from my past work on Sonys, but have little experience with this model and
    it's common failures/symptoms. Any known clues would be appreciated from
    those still working or playing the field fulltime. Thanx.


    remove wetpaint from email to respond
  2. Sofie

    Sofie Guest

    Dan / lurknowhere:
    Possibly bad or weak crt...... this is may be why the problem got worse
    gradually over time, as the crt progressively got weaker or developed
  3. Gary W.

    Gary W. Guest

    Toasted CRT.

    Gary W.
  4. David

    David Guest

    Do a Goggle groups search for Sony AKB Video Blanking and this is a
    common question. On that model, with your symptom of it getting
    longer over time, I would bet that the picture tube is the cause of
    the failure and the permanent proper fix is to replace the picture
    tube. Slightly turning up the G2 voltage might buy some time to keep
    a picture on the set, but honestly, by the time the Sony tubes do this
    they will not track gray scale very well at all.

  5. Probably a bad CRT...sometimes buzzing the CRT with a rejuvenation
    cycle or 2 will help, but it's something that'll have to be done every
    few months, and very gently each time.

  6. lurknowhere

    lurknowhere Guest

    I've since discovered that this set had some work done on it a few years
    back. An isolation torroid was installed to lift the ground on a heater to
    cathode short. Apparently, it fixed that problem, but I'm suspecting the
    CRT has developed another short. A rejuvenation attempt might work, as a
    last resort.

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