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Sony KV-32S40 has audio but no picture

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by BR, Apr 29, 2004.

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  1. BR

    BR Guest

    I have a Sony KV-32S40, which I purchased in December of 1998. I have
    not experienced any problems with it until today. I turned the TV on
    today and everything was working fine as usual. After about 3-5
    minutes the screen turned black but I still had audio. I turned the
    TV off for a couple of minutes and turned it back on. It appeared to
    be working fine until about 5 minutes later it did the same thing.
    The screen just turned black. I turned the channels to make sure that
    it wasn't the channel and turned on a different TV in the house to
    make sure that it wasn't the cable. I let the TV set all day before I
    tried turning it on again. After about a minute, the screen started
    getting a bunch of lines in it and the picture appeared to be
    shrinking from the bottom of the screen to the top of the screen.
    Then the screen went black again. I again let the TV set for a little
    while and tried it again. Now I don't even get a picture when the TV
    comes on. I still have audio and can even switch channels, but there
    is no picture. The red light on the front of the TV that says
    "Standby/Timer" just keeps flashing. I didn't hear any noises when
    the picture was going out. I talked to a repair shop today and they
    said that the picture tube is probably bad and that it would cost more
    to fix it than the TV is worth. I feel that I am a technical person
    but I have never worked on a TV before. Does anyone know what this
    sounds like or have any suggestions?
  2. David

    David Guest

    Whatever you do, do not take that tv to the "repair shop" that you talked
    with. There is no way they can determine that the picture tube is bad
    without doing proper diagnosis. From your description it does NOT sound
    like a picture tube problem.

    You need to take the tv into a reputable and good shop for proper diagnosis
    and repair. Given the description of the symptoms I would start by checking
    the vertical circuit for intermittent solder connections or weak capacitors,
    and then check for other common solder connection problems.

    Typical repair if you take the tv into a reputable shop around here varies
    between $90 and $125 total for 90% of the repairs on that size of tv set.

  3. Art

    Art Guest

    Agreed, call around and find out which service is SONY authorized and
    experienced in repairing these sets. Take it to them and ask for an estimate
    of repairs before getting in too deep, Then make a choice if you care to
    actually have it repaired.
  4. BR

    BR Guest

    Thanks for the advice!! I took it in to a different shop today. They
    said it might be a week before the can get to it. I will post what
    they tell me.

  5. achan

    achan Guest

    Hi BR,

    I am having the same exact problem with my kv-32s40, how did you make out
    and the repair shop.

  6. myblubu

    myblubu Guest


    I just started experiencing the EXACT same problem on my kv-32s4
    today! Wondering if I should take it to the shop - what did anyon
    find out about the cause of the problem and how to fix it (or the cos
    to fix it)
  7. Art

    Art Guest

    Is there any On Screen Display at all? Any indication of High Voltage being
    generated? Has there been dfnative diagnostics preformed on theteles yet
    that you may post to this N/G?
  8. JANA

    JANA Guest

    If you have the on-screen display, this means that there is high voltage,
    and maybe proper biasing to all three electron-guns in the CRT. If there is
    no on-screen display, this means that there may not be high voltage, or
    there may be a bias or drive problem to the CRT. Also, a common problem with
    these sets is that a bad CRT will cause the set to have no picture. If there
    is a video drive failure on all three colour channels, there will also be no

    An experienced tech should be able to diagnose the basic cause of this fault
    in a matter of about 15 to 30 minutes, unless the particular fault is




    I just started experiencing the EXACT same problem on my kv-32s40
    today! Wondering if I should take it to the shop - what did anyone
    find out about the cause of the problem and how to fix it (or the cost
    to fix it)?
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