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SONY KV-32S40 32" Trinitron screen distortion bowtie

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by gfgray, Mar 4, 2006.

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  1. gfgray

    gfgray Guest

    The bottom half of my screen intermittently shrinks like a bowtie an
    sometimes the picture would just disappear. Giving the TV a goo
    smack fixes it. Then, after the TV warms up, the problem no longe
    intermittently appears

    I resoldered a bunch of connections. Now, when I turn the TV on,
    get the degauss sound and the power light blinks like it normall
    does during warm up, but the picture never comes on. When I wa
    resoldering, I found a spot that looked like sony spilled some solde
    and may have shorted two connections on the mainboard. I cleaned tha
    solder off. Could that have been an intentional solder connection o
    this TV model?

    Also, I pulled on that thick red wire that goes from this transforme
    thing on the main board directly to the picture tube. I the
    realized it wasn't supposed to come out of the transformer thing.

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  2. JamesQB

    JamesQB Guest

    Was it a solder splash that rubbed off, or did you melt and remove th
    solder across the two connections? It sounds like you may have remove
    a solder link that should be in place. If the solder was making goo
    connection between the two areas it was bridging, then it's a simpl
    of case of logic: if the set was working fine like that, then i
    wasn't an accidental solder splash, or something would have bee
    malfunctioning from day of production

    As for the lead you pulled on, that's the EHT lead that carrie
    several kilovolts to the CRT anode. I would avoid messing with thi
    lead. Did you pull it partly out of the transformer or something? I
    you didn't pull it from its catches, then I doubt you've done it an
    harm, but make sure you haven't partly pulled it out and that th
    anode cap at the other end of the lead is still properly in place o
    the CRT, but be very careful as the tube capacitanc
    means that there is still dangerous and painful high voltage presen
    sometimes even days after last having the set on

    It may be best to have an engineer look at the set if you aren't sur
    what's what. There are other parts which store a good deal of voltag
    for long amounts of time and can be either bloody painful or at wors
    dangerous. I personally think that for someone to try repairing thei
    own sets, they should have at least basic knowledge such as knowin
    what the flyback transformer is and does... etc. That way they ca
    stay a bit safer
  3. RDC

    RDC Guest

    Those Sony sets are notorious for having bad solder joints that ca
    kill the Power Supply and/or H.O.T. Ceck and see if the H.O.T i
    shorted and then resolder everything that leads up to it, drive
    transistor, transformer ect. Check the power supply for shorte
    transistors as well as as an open resistor, R607.

    Pulling the Anode wire (big red wire) out of the "flyback transformer
    is EXTREMELY dangerous. Even if the sets been off for awhile and i
    unpluged the tube still has a charge in it. You may want to leta tec
    handle the rest of the repairs before ya discover the shocking side o
    TV repair
  4. Jeff Hackler

    Jeff Hackler Guest

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