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SONY KV-32S40 32" Trinitron screen distortion bowtie

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by gfgray, Apr 17, 2005.

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  1. gfgray

    gfgray Guest

    The bottom half of my screen intermittently shrinks like a bowtie and
    sometimes the picture would just disappear. Giving the TV a good
    smack fixes it. Then, after the TV warms up, the problem no longer
    intermittently appears.

    I resoldered a bunch of connections. Now, when I turn the TV on, I
    get the degauss sound and the power light blinks like it normally
    does during warm up, but the picture never comes on. When I was
    resoldering, I found a spot that looked like sony spilled some solder
    and may have shorted two connections on the mainboard. I cleaned that
    solder off. Could that have been an intentional solder connection on
    this TV model?

    Also, I pulled on that thick red wire that goes from this transformer
    thing on the main board directly to the picture tube. I then
    realized it wasn't supposed to come out of the transformer thing.

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