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Sony KV-27V36 27" TV problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Boba, May 29, 2006.

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  1. Boba

    Boba Guest

    When I turn on the tv, I see colorful lines for a while and then the
    screen goes black but the power light stays on.
  2. Guest

    ........ and ..... the results of your technical troubleshooting, meter
    readings and component testing are ? ? ?
    Post some relavent information and you will have a better chance of
    receiving helpful repair suggestions.
  3. Hello Boba,
    First check for any dry solder joints on *all* boards, SONY
    sets are especially prone to that.

    Then check the voltages to the CRT neck (RGB+supply voltage),
    which should read around 12V for most sets.


    Do you still have a raster after the picture turns black ? If yes, then
    there's a problem with the video-processing board.

    I just had a similar problem with my AE1C/KV-X2531 SONY set,
    where it turned out to be a bad jungle IC (TDA-4580). My
    picture would stay black until I cooled the IC down with
    freeze spray which immediately would bring the picture
    back to normal.

    Anyway, please give more details and try to measure
    as many as possible. It's very good to have the
    service manual for your set, SONY's documents are
    quite useful here ;).

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