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Sony KV-27TS29 picture problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by bthrem, Feb 19, 2007.

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  1. bthrem

    bthrem Guest

    Well, my 4 year old twins were feuding and rapidly turning our Sony
    KV-27TS29 on and off. The unit still powers and has sound, but the
    picture is now just horizontal jagged lines. I tried signals in both
    the coax jack and line-in and the picture is the same in both. I'm
    handy enough with a soldering iron that I could swap out a few parts
    if given some guidance. Any thoughts on what compenet(s) might have
    gone bad?

  2. Corrupt data in the EEPROM for H sync is likely. These sets have a tendency
    to do that sometimes. Go into the service menu and adjust it. If you can't
    get it back that way there may be a failure that needs troubleshooting.

  3. bthrem

    bthrem Guest

    Thanks! Now I just need one more tip: could you please tell me how
    to get into the service menu.

  4. bthrem

    bthrem Guest

    Never mind, figured it out! All is well now! Thanks again!
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