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Sony KDF-42WE655 DLP dumps autoprogram

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by klem kedidelhopper, Dec 3, 2012.

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  1. I have a Sony KDF-42WE655 DLP set that recently stopped storing
    channels. For the past 5 or so months our channel line up has
    consisted of about 30 channels (we get basic cable) and about 100
    channels of "no signal", black screens etc. I decided to run the auto
    program option in the menu in hopes that some of these erroneous
    channels would disappear. After the auto program completed, our
    channel line up was great. It appears that after the set has been off
    for a few minutes and turned back on I am greeted with a "no signal"
    screen with no channels. In some cases the tv will not change
    channels; ie when channel +/- is entered the last digit on the screen
    will flicker but will go back to its original position. Interestingly
    enough, when the set is turned off and immediately turned back on all
    channels remain. It seems anything longer than 1 minute and the
    channels dump.

    What makes this equally interesting is that I have the same set in my
    basement (55" version) that still has the entire channel line up. I
    have not run the auto program on this in fear of the same thing
    happening. Our 42" "works" but we have to run the 50 minute auto
    program every time we watch to watch tv now. Any thoughts on what
    might be causing this would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Lenny
  2. The obvious (though not necessarily correct) diagnosis is that whatever
    "holds" the memory when power is off is failing to do so.

    Look over the board with the tuner. If you spot a large CR-type lithium
    cell, that's probably the problem. Replace it.
  3. Guest

    That's a LCD rear projection, not a DLP. Note the 'screen door'
    effect. Training and service manuals are available free at

    It's unlikely channel information is stored using battery backed up
    RAM, that went out in the 90's. Between the training and service
    manuals you should be able to narrow it down to a single board. If
    you don't have any luck isolating it to a signle IC, boards are
    available on eBay

  4. Thanks for the link. Lenny
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