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Sony Hi8 Camcorder woes

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Don, Dec 6, 2004.

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  1. Don

    Don Guest


    A friend has asked me to look at his Sony CCD-SC55 camcorder.
    When powered on, unit beeps 15 times while displaying a flashing
    yellow symbol that looks like the symbol used to denote "eject"
    on tape decks, etc. (triangle pointed upwards with a horizontal
    line immediately below its base).

    From a copy of the user's manual, this appears to be the signal
    for "Oh, sh*t! Call for service..." Note that the *dew* sensor
    indication would accompany this triangular symbol with another
    indicator so it does NOT appear to be indicating that.

    The cassette compartment is open. *STUCK* open. Inserting
    a tape fails to get the unit to draw the tape holder *into* the
    mechanism. I.e. the door won't shut!

    I've never owned a camcorder. Nor used one. :-( So, I
    am a bit in the dark as to what to *expect* the unit to do
    at this point. I would assume there is a "tape installed"
    switch that activates the mode control motor and whatever
    else is required to suck the thing into the mechanism and
    allow the door to close (i.e. the opposite of "eject").

    I also believe that there is a way to coax the unit into displaying
    diagnostic codes to help figure out what it *thinks* the problem is.
    But, without a service manual, I have no idea where to begin!

    Lastly, the zinger: the unit is a model intended for the *Japanese*
    market. So, all of the displays and other markings on the
    unit are written in Kanji! (?) "Gee, what's *this* button do?"

    Can anyone clue me in to how the camcorder is *supposed*
    to behave when you install a tape (and start closing the door)?
    Or, a pointer to the magical incantation necessary to get the
    thing to display diagnostic codes (along with a list of what
    those codes actually mean)?

    It's really a nice little (analog) camera and I would hate to see
    it end up in a landfill for what might be a simple fix like a
    switch/sensor, etc.

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