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Sony EVS9000E tape riding over pinch roller in Fast Forward

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Colin McCormick, Apr 10, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone have experience with the Sony EVS9000E? This is a
    very elaborate Hi8 edit deck. The deck is completely different
    to the EVS1000, EVSC3 etc.

    Original fault: A split in the supply spool teeth. I've seen
    this before and replaced the supply spool. This does involve
    removing the back tension band, I carefully marked its position
    and refitted in the same position exactly.

    The machine worked but would occasionally damage a tape in
    play or F-Fwd. The tape could be seen to ride up over the
    top of the pinch roller.

    At great expense I replaced the pinch roller. This made the
    situation better, but still sometimes the tape will ride
    over the top of the pinch roller in Fast Forward. It can
    take the tape right off the pinch roller and head exit
    guide, and it then sits in an illegal position bypassing
    both of these. Ejecting from this condition would of course
    wreck the tape.

    I have noticed when in Fast-forward that the tape sometimes
    moves in a slightly less than smooth fashion, and it may
    be this which is allowing the tape to get too high on the
    guides and then go of the top.

    In case I had set the back tension somehow too high, I
    slackened this off by the tiniest fraction of a mm, but the
    problem persists.

    If anyone is familiar with this mechanism, please contact me

    Many thanks for any help.

  2. Andy Cuffe

    Andy Cuffe Guest

    Insufficient torque on the take up reel can cause this type of
    problem. I've seen a lot of VCRs (although not this one) where the
    slip clutch becomes too loose. Incorrect back tension is another
    possibility (try a slight increase in back tension). Have you
    confirmed that its alignment is ok?
    Andy Cuffe

  3. Andy

    I had independantly located the problem. Yes, it was
    insufficient back tension. When replacing the supply
    spool, I had tried to put the back tension band back
    in exactly the same loaction but was a fraction of a
    mm out.

    My word 8mm is sensitive to back tension! Much more
    so than Beta.

    Thanks for your help, you've confirmed my diagnosis.


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