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Sony DVD player brightness alternates dark to bright

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Golf, May 22, 2007.

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  1. Golf

    Golf Guest

    I got this as an anniversary gift from my company. Sony model DVD-
    NS75H. I searched this group and found nothing on this particular
    model. Too much trouble to return, so either I repair or trash. Since
    day one when playing a DVD, the picture slowly alternates between
    normal brightness, to dark (not black), back to normal, to bright, and
    so on. I don't have much experience with DVD players, but was hoping
    someone in this group could tell me what they think is happening and
    where to start looking for a possible fix. Thankyou as always.
  2. And how have you got it hooked up?

    That sounds identical to what happens when playing a DVD player
    through a VCR into the antenna jack of a tv set. The VCR being there
    to turn the video signal into a radio signal for the tv set. The
    problem is that there is copy protection built into some VCRs, and
    that starts doing what you describe.

    If this is the case, the solution is simple, take out the VCR.

  3. Rick

    Rick Guest

    I've only experienced this once and it seemed like a fluke. Ejecting and
    reinserting the DVD corrected it in my case. If that doesn't work for
    you try unplugging the player to completely kill power, wait 5 minutes,
    plug it in and try again. Also go into the DVD player settings menu and
    save the settings again - there might be a bad bit saved in the EEPROM.
    Check the manual or screen menu to make sure you are pressing the right
    key combination to save the settings - changing the settings is
    different from actually saving them on many DVD players.

  4. Arfa Daily

    Arfa Daily Guest

    That would be my exact take on the problem too.

  5. bz

    bz Guest

  6. jakdedert

    jakdedert Guest

    ....and was mine in the thread above. I really do need to read the
    entire group before replying. In this case I replied to a different
    thread with the same (double?) post.

  7. UCLAN

    UCLAN Guest

    The copy protection (Macrovision) is not built into the VCR. It is
    embedded into the video signal. It screws up the AGC of the VCR, and
    thusly affects different VCRs differently.

    Never hook up a DVD player through a VCR, unless you remove the
    Macrovision first. Hook the DVD player directly to the TV.
  8. Arfa Daily

    Arfa Daily Guest

    Yeah, strange that Jak. When I replied, only this thread was visible on my
    server, so likewise, I didn't see your reply. When I came back tonight, the
    other thread had appeared above. The vagaries of Usenet, I guess ...

  9. Not all VCR's will have this issue, at least while NOT recording. For
    awhile, I ran a DVD player through a JVC VCR with no problems, as long
    as I didn't try to record. It seems as if the VCR didn't turn on it's
    AGC unless recording.
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