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Sony CDP-C325

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by George Neuner, Feb 7, 2005.

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  1. Hi all,

    I have a Sony CDP-C325 5 CD carousel player with a problem. When
    changing discs, sometimes the new disc won't start playing.

    The scenario is:
    - whatever disc is playing finishes
    - the disc stops spinning and lowers into the carousel
    - the carousel rotates the new disc into position
    - the new disc raises from the carousel
    - the track calendar displays the tracks of the new disc
    - "Track 1" appears on the main display
    - then nothing

    The newly raised disc does not start to spin, the play clock does not
    display and the unit just hangs until it is manually taken out of
    "play" mode. This can be done by stopping/restarting, changing tracks
    without stopping or even just by seeking within track 1. As soon as
    that hung "play" mode is cancelled, the disc will spin up and play

    The problem is not tied to any nest, it happens about 50% of the time
    on any change - occurring both on sequential disc advance and on
    manual disc selection which can change to any nest.

    The unit has been in the local repair shop twice. The technician
    first replaced the laser module (unnecessarily I now believe) which
    did not help and now claims he can't find anything wrong. I really
    don't want to take it back to him but there aren't any other repair
    shops close by.

    My unit is 10 years old and I know it isn't worth spit - a replacement
    can be had for $100. But right now I'm pissed off and I want to know
    what's wrong with it. Has anyone seen behavior similar to this and,
    if so, do you know the cause?

    Thanks everyone,
  2. The Archer

    The Archer Guest

    I have a CDP-C435 which I believe is from the same era. I have had a similar
    problem with it in the past which I found was due to the carousel being
    slightly out of alignment, i.e. it appeared to have slipped a cog in the
    gearing between it and the motor. I found that by taking the top cover off
    and removing the center screw holding the carousel down, I could lift the
    carousel up and move it around slightly to bring it into the right
    alignment. I don't know it your problem is the same because I don't recall
    if, in my situation, the newly selected disc raised from the carousel or
    By the way, I stick with my CDP435 because it has some very valuable
    features which I cannot find on any of the current 5 disc players including
    Sony models.
  3. Of course the lens should be cleaned, and other maintenance done, but this
    problem is usually caused by the sled limit switch not quite making contact.
    Common problem.

    Mark Z.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion.

    I don't know how common it is. I also have a C500 in another room and
    among my siblings there are three more Sony carousel units - different
    models but all of similar vintage (10-15 years old). All have been
    moved cross country multiple times and until now none of them have
    ever required more than a simple cleaning.

    I don't have a repair manual for the C325, is the sled limit switch
    easy to check? And where do I get parts?

  5. The switch is stand-up mounted on a circuit board underneath the pickup.
    Kind of hard to get to.

    Mark Z.
  6. Thanks. I'll see if I can get a look at it.

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