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Sony CCD-V8AF-E Project

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Nitroflea, May 5, 2005.

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  1. Nitroflea

    Nitroflea Guest


    I have an old Sony Video 8 AF camcorder (CCD-V8AF-E) and I've been
    trying to figure out the layout of the 22-pin connector that is
    supposed to come with the camera. I received the camera from somebody
    else and didn't get much with it.
    There is an adaptor that sony shipped with this camcorder and a few
    others. The RFU-80UC which has a 22-pin Type 'D' connector that plugs
    into the underside of the camera and provides RCA video in and out

    I've searched far and wide for a schematic of these pins but come up
    with nothing.
    So, I decided to try figure them out manually. The problem is that I
    think this adaptor could also provide power to the camera so I don't
    want to damage anthing by crossing the wrong pins (I already blew the
    fuse yesterday). And somebody blew the fuse in my multimeter as well
    so I was left guessing.

    Does anybody have experience with this old camcorder (from 1984 I
    believe) that could give me some insight?
    I will post some links to images of the camera and the adaptor if that
    will help jog the memory. ;)

    Another thing I wanted to try was seperating the camera module form
    the vcr module. Opening the casing up shows that these are actually
    two nice seperate modules. The only thing is that there a couple
    cables connecting various things. I was going to buy a service manual
    I found online but thought to ask if anybody has one or could point me
    to a free copy. ;)

    I would like to get the camera module to just output the video, then I
    can send the video feed straight to a capture card in a pc I've set
    Can anybody help me with any pointers?

    I'd like to keep this thread going as a 'project' of sorts and ask
    that anybody with knowledge of the various sony video hardware
    components would please post their views and ideas.

  2. Nitroflea

    Nitroflea Guest

    Wow, I love talking to myself. :p

    Made some progress: Bought a service manual for this camera and it has
    LOTS of good info.

    So if anybody else wants to know the 24-pin layout here it is:

    1 - MAIN 6V
    2 - GND (MAIN 6v)
    4 - DC OUT
    5 - NOTHING
    7 - NOTHING
    8 - POWER ON
    9 - NOTHING
    10 - VIDEO IN
    11- NOTHING
    12 - GND (VIDEO IN)
    13 - NOTHING
    14 - VIDEO OUT
    15 - GND (AU LR OUT)
    16 - GND (VIDEO OUT)
    17 - AUDIO L OUT
    18 - AUDIO (MONO) OUT
    19 - AUDIO R OUT
    20 - AU (MONO) GND
    21 - GND (AU LR IN)
    22 - AU (MONO) IN
    23 - AUDIO L IN
    24 - AUDIO R IN

    Pin numbering starts in the corner with the two indentations. ;)
    If the camera is standing on it rubber feet with the tape deck facing
    upwards, pin 1 is in the bottom right corner, pin 2 is the one above
    that, pin 3 to the left of pin 1, etc.

    I managed to put together a bit of a connector and got the VIDEO OUT
    to work. 8)

    Now, all I need to do is get the power to work 'cause my battery is
    My problem is that I can't get the camera to power on. I don't quite
    get how that power pin is supposed to work. Had a look at the serivce
    manual and it shows that pin is simply hooked up to the other power
    switches so how does that work? Am I just supposed to link that power
    pin to ground or send a voltage down there or what? :?:
  3. St.Ives

    St.Ives Guest


    I saw your post as a result of a google search I was doing about my
    own Sony. I am also looking for a RFU-80UC multi connector.

    Your info has been most helpful.

    I have'nt found the rfu yet :cry:
  4. arthurdeleu


    Jul 8, 2010
    i need a sony ccd-v8af-e

    hi,i'm looking for a sony ccd-v8af-e for a film,i will buy it at the price you want!
    extremly urgent!
  5. blinge


    Aug 19, 2010
    Cheers for the info.

    Hi. Im from Madrid Spain.

    It have been great to find this forum because it helped so much for me to create a new 'home made connector' for my old video camera. Now i can export my old videos into a digital format and i can mix them with other recordings that i made with other cameras.

    BTW i got this model of video camera that works perfectly if someone likes to rent it for movies or that stuff. I am a freeance cameraman.
  6. gromit


    Sep 25, 2010
    Can you email me? I may be able to help.

    Dr. T. Rowe
  7. gromit


    Sep 25, 2010
    I guess email addresses are removed for security reasons?

    I don't understand why this forum won't allow me to contact you directly, either by including my email address (gromit at vianet point ca) or by sending you a private message. My telephone number is 705 847 hyphen 4747. I can help if you still need help.

    Dr. T. Rowe
  8. Michigan2010


    Nov 7, 2010
    Need help with powering on

    Hello - recently my aunt passed away and I am trying to power on her Sony ccd-v8af No # 291093. It appears she kept all the equipment except the instructions. I have a connector and some batteries..which I believe are dead but she had a battery pack charger. I can not figure out how to use them to give the camera power. She has some old tapes that are from Christmastime with my Grandparents on them. They are all deceased now and I would really love to view these videos. Any help would be so very much appreciated. Thanks!!!!!
  9. tallon


    Nov 8, 2010
    Sony CCD V 8AF-E


    I read this thread re the Sony CCD V 8AF-E with interest. I've just persauded my ex-wife to hand over our old camera plus tapes of our children when they were young so I can burn them on to DVD (no, haven't worked that out yet).

    However, there's no manual and no power supply or charger and the batteries are(obviously) flat. Can anyone tell me:
    - where I might be able to download a manual for this video camera?
    - wether it has a separate charger for the batterys or a power supply that charges them in-camera, or maybe both? I need to be able to tell her what to look for and it's so long since I last used it (over 20 years!) that I can't remember.
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