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Sony Camcorder repair - LCD black out

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by fixabill, Feb 23, 2007.

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  1. fixabill

    fixabill Guest

    Anyone here any experience of repairing Sony camcorders? I have a
    handycam Sony DCR-HC19E and the LCD seems to have gone faulty. The
    touchscreen still works OK and it records picture, so it's not the
    CCD, but there is no image on the LCD at all, just a black screen.
    It's out of warranty, and probably not worth getting repaired
    professionally with the price of camcorders these days. Any tips on
    what it might be and if it can be fixed at home - like lose wire or
    something easy?

  2. Possibly a bad ribbon cable or the backlight failed.
  3. fixabill

    fixabill Guest

    Thanks Jumpster. Can you explain what you mean by the backlight
    failed? Is the LCD lit up by back light?
  4. fixabill

    fixabill Guest

    Also, it it something that can be replaced or fixed?
  5. Marcus

    Marcus Guest

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