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Sony Bravia LCD TV S-Video colour balance problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Steve, Jun 5, 2007.

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  1. Steve

    Steve Guest

    5 June 2007

    Hello O Sages of electronics

    I live in Saudi Arabia and have a Humax IRCI-5400Z satellite decoder
    which has been connected to a Sony CRT television using the TV SCART
    output to the S Video input of the TV using an IXOS SCART to S-Video
    cable. I then upgraded my TV to the latest Sony Bravia LCD model
    52X200A. However the pictures are now virtually black and white with
    red, green and blue patches of colour in some areas.

    Sony technical here have connected other new Bravia LCD TVs to the
    cable/Humax, still getting the same colour problem. The new TV
    composite and component video inputs, as well as the normal TV aerial
    input are all OK (colours display correctly). All picture menu
    settings on the new TV have been adjusted to no effect, the Humax menu
    settings have all been adjusted, also to no effect. Is there a known
    problem with the Humax not being able to display colours correctly on
    the Sony Bravia LCD TV range? Sony here have not experienced this
    problem before as SCART/S-Video is generally not used outside Europe.
    I have emailed Sony technical who have not bothered to respond.

    I can see no way to adjust S-Video settings on the Humax other than
    just selecting S-Video in AV Settings. Below are technical details
    that may assist diagnosis:

    Humax IRCI 5400Z info on label :

    IRCI-5400Z/ME 913051-11101
    11 T050725 00258
    Made in Korea

    STB Status:

    H/W version OAK I & II 2.1
    S/W version HIC 1.05.00+
    Device Driver version HIC 1.05.00+
    S/W last update 4 MAR 2002
    Loader version H2.19
    System ID 0016.0601
    CI slot 1 CI module is not installed
    CI slot 2 CI module is not installed

    The satellite being used is HOTBIRD

    AV Tuning:

    AV user set 1
    AV default settings
    Channel 38
    PAL standard PAL G
    Offset 0
    NTSC mode Auto

    AV Output Setting:

    Video output S-Video
    Audio output stereo
    Dolby Digital On
    Screen mode Auto
    Display format Full
    R/Y Gain % -17 (greyed out - not selectable)
    G/U Gain % -35 (greyed out - not selectable)
    B/V Gain % -35 (greyed out - not selectable)

    The IXOS SCART to S-Video + 2 audio cable is wired as follows:

    S video end SCART end

    Shell not connected
    1 17
    3 19
    2 15
    4 13

    audio R, L shell 4
    audio R 1
    audio L 3

    The cable is 2 metres long and works on all Sony CRT TVs S-Video
    inputs in their showroom, showing the correct colours. Ixos assure me
    the connections in the cable are correct. I have emailed Humax but my
    experience before with them does not lead me to believe they will
    assist. I know the obvious advice is 'go get your money back' but in
    Saudi sellers would rather dismember themselves rather than offer a
    refund and guarantees of whatever length on paper tend to expire as
    you reach the showroom door after paying.

    I am trying to borrow another type of satellite decoder with SCART
    output to narrow the field of possibilities but they are not easy to
    find here and even more difficult to borrow.

    I am familiar with electronics and AV terminology and would be very
    grateful for any advice you may have.


    Steve Cooke
  2. Guest


    Been there (al Khobar (Al Bustan) 2.5 years), done that. Where are

    My experience along the lines you are suggesting is that you are
    likely feeding the wrong signal to the TV. Unless it is a multi-system
    set (NTSC, NTSC2, PAL, PAL2, SECAM) the Hotbird down load might not be
    compatible with the front-end on the set. So, either you change the
    output to the set, or you go to the *auto-search* setting on the set
    itself such that it finds the correct system to match the input. We
    brought our Sony "smart-set" WEGA back with us and it has been quite
    an interesting transition seeing it with only NTSC (Never The Same
    Color) only signals as compared to PAL rF signal or direct signal
    from our DVD player (which we also brought back).

    But it can be solved unless the set does not have a smart front-end.
    Further to this, some Sony models have inputs that are not
    identical... example, the dedicated DVD input on the Sony does not
    like our US obtained Chinese Philips DVD player, whereas that player
    is fine when connected to the AUX 1 position. And it yet works fine
    with our Saudi-obtained Panasonic DVD player. And channel numbers in
    the US do not register with the channel numbers on the Sony. Sometimes
    auto-search put the TV broadcast and/or cable channel as many as 5
    numbers different than the US channel.

    Hope this helps.

    Peter Wieck
    Wyncote, PA
  3. Guest

    It might help if you viewed a colour test pattern and told us what
    each colour a) should be and b) shows up as.

  4. Steve

    Steve Guest

    21 June 2007

    Sorry for the very late reply...the unexpected result, when viewing a
    Hotbird satellite channel test card (Channel 2, 'TEST' from 'CYFRA+')
    is that the colour bars show perfectly using composite video ('chart'
    bars are white, yellow, light blue, green, pink, red, dark blue,
    black) and also perfectly using the SCART to S Video cable with AV
    output set to S Video. However on normal pictures the S Video result
    is basically a black and white picture with only orange (solarised on
    some flesh areas) and yellow present, but the channel graphics and
    text display bright blue, yellow and green even though the picture is
    virtually black and white.
  5. Steve

    Steve Guest

    21 June 07

    Hi Peter

    Thanx for the advice and sorry for the delayed response. I've been in
    Dhahran for 16 years now, obviously a total basket case. I work for
    BAE Systems and started off living in the infamous Al Gosaibi
    compound, moving to Golden belt for a while and then Riyadh A
    compound, a mirror of the original Riyadh B compound that used to be
    near Al Bustan. BAE also used to rent the Al Hada compound opposite
    Al Bustan, it was much loved by it's bachelor residents which is
    presumable why BAE built a new bachelor complex at Aziziyah directly
    under the airbase flightpath and about as far away from shops and
    amenities as it's possible to get and then forced the bachelors out of
    Al Hada to move there... still, the 'Sid' is still relatively cheap!

    Concerning the TV, it is auto multisystem with the smart front end.
    Retuning the TV and selecting another Channel number for the satbox
    output didn't help. Other S video devices (using S Video to S Video
    cable) work fine in the Bravia's S video input socket and the sat
    box's composite video out also works fine. A different SCART to S
    Video cable didn't help, still giving me the 'B/W' picture. See below
    for my answer to another suggestion of checking a 'test card'
    screen. I have not located another similar satbox to try. It's
    quite frustrating, I'll probably find the satbox's S video chrominance
    signal is 1 nanovolt too small for the Bravias or something like
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