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Sony Betamax Player

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Eric Chomko, Dec 28, 2004.

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  1. Eric Chomko

    Eric Chomko Guest

    I have one that gets power but doesn't turn the tape drive. Is there a
    repair kit, rubber band or some other standard repair procedure for old
    players that have normal wear? In short, I'm looking for a low
    cost maintenance solution that will bring it back to life.

  2. Guest

    Must be that my crystal bulb is broken, but I can't see a model number.
    With that, someone with experience with US Betamax models, should be
    able to help. I think most Sony Betamax players don't use rubber belts
    or idlers.
  3. TCS

    TCS Guest

    Best bet might be to visit ebay. Players can be had for less than
  4. JURB6006

    JURB6006 Guest

    Players can be had for less than
    Some. You can expect to pay more for Hifi, SuperBeta and especially ED Beta. I
    know I wouldn't give up mine for that.

  5. I have one that gets power but doesn't turn the tape drive. Is there a
    Needle in a haystack.

    We need more info, like the model number? - Reinhart
  6. With that, someone with experience with US Betamax models, should be
    Most Sony Beta VCRs are based on the "EZ-Beta" chassis, which has no belts
    except one toothed nylon belt which drives the carriage. The advances, after
    the tape is fully threaded by a motorized mechanism, is run completely with

    But, there are variations of this mechanism, some which replaces the solenoids
    with an advance motor, which is the case in models like the SL-HF750,
    SL-HF2100, and the SL-HF2000.

    A couple of models, like the SL-2700, uses a chassis that is somewhat similar
    in layout to the aforementioned models but uses two independent brushless
    motors for each of the spools instead of a single motor pendulum mechanism and
    uses a regular belt which runs the mechanism that turns the threading ring in
    loading and unloading the tape. The loading carriage is also driven by its own
    motor, if memory serves me. (The carriage was also prone to breakage,
    especially if cassettes were loaded into the deck too hard. Although this is a
    common occurance to front loading VCRs even today, the carriage used in the
    SL-2700 was especially sensitive to that.)

    And, there are models, like the SL-5200, which use a completely different
    mechanism. Then there are the top-loading Sony models which were the
    predecessor of the front loading decks.

    So, of course, we need more info from the original poster if he wants us to
    give him more useful info. - Reinhart
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