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sony 8mm vcr problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Patrick Gravel, Apr 6, 2004.

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  1. I have a problem with a sony 8mm vcr. The vcr is not able to fast forward,
    to rewind, to play or to record. But it is able to eject. I suppose that it
    can be the mode switch but I'm not sure. HELP ME
  2. What's the model number?

    Alan Harriman
  3. JR North

    JR North Guest

    Pop the cover and check the main spindle belt off the motor.
    It might be broken or off the pulley.
  4. Aslaner

    Aslaner Guest

    Have ever looked at a Video camera mechanism?
    Don't even bother with that last post, you will not be able to see anything.
    If it were a belt or something of the like then chances are that the machine
    would not play as that belt driven mechanism would energize both take reel
    option (on play and fast forward).
    The newer machine 1990's and up are not even worth taking apart when there
    is mechanism problem.

    I would suggest possibly if not done already so, to try a brand new tape to
    see if it works.

    Maybe it is the tape that has a problem itself and not the machine?
  5. Stephen Sank

    Stephen Sank Guest

    This is usually caused by failure of the head cylinder to spin up properly, which almost always
    means replacing the entire cylinder motor/head unit. Model number would help.

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