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Sony 65xbr10w possible intermittent color issue........

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by fatguy, Oct 28, 2007.

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  1. fatguy

    fatguy Guest

    Hello, i have this set...65xbr10w....iirc circa 2000 'vintage'.

    Now, there may be an intermittent issue developing with this
    far only during 1080i playback...this set has one 480p/1080i capable
    component input. The issue is that there has been some intermittent
    'coloring' of picture....taking on a yellowish/blue cast almost as if the
    red crt is 'losing some output' or 'fading out'. It has happened
    relatively infrequently & seems to have corrected itself on it's own when
    it does far only only one HD source has been doing this, dvd
    upscaled through a PS3 to 1080i & 1080i video game through PS3. I haven't
    noticed anything from HD cable TV sources..but that is not to say it
    isn't there. I haven't noticed it during blu-ray disc playback either.
    It has been very infrequent so far......i'm working on the assumption
    this is not the PS3...but the beginnings of some sort of CRT failure on
    this large, older HDTV. Thoughts?

    Thx for any comments.
  2. Jerry G.

    Jerry G. Guest

    You would be best off to get the service manual. Start by verifying
    supply voltages, and then tracing the signal paths with a scope.

    The most basic thing you can do, is to start looking for cold solder
    conections. Pushing and sort of putting bending pressure on the
    circuit board can help to show if there are any cold solder
    connections. To work on your set, you may need the extension service

    Considering the age and type of set, I would be seriously looking at
    getting a new set.

    Jerry G.
  3. fatguy

    fatguy Guest

    .....thx for the reply Jerry, i appreciate it. I may have spoke too soon,
    i'm going to sound like a idiot here, but it may have simply been the
    output connector on the PS3's a proprietary multipin out
    that terminates in a component video connection. The cable is very heavy
    & with the PS3 vertical there 'seems' to be enough torque on jack to
    possibly loosen one of the pin contacts.....problem has disappeared since
    we unplugged and replugged the cable a few times and tiewrapped the cable
    itself to the audio rack to relieve the strain. Hopefully this is all it
    was. I guess the fact no other 1080i sources are doing this would be a
    bit odd if it were the set.

    Yah, a new set is in the works, this one still has an incredible
    picture, this li'l hiccup aside....even after all the heavy use it's seen.
    We are planning on going with one of the new KDS-R70XBR5 sxrd sets, but
    it's my understanding the release has been pushed back from this fall to
    early 1st qutr 2008. Should be a helluva set. I've had pretty good luck
    with XBR chassis sets over the years.

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