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Sony 5.1 receiver model:STR-DE345

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Jun 11, 2005.

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    Sony 5.1 A/V receiver model:STR-DE345,year:Jan 2000.No power only relay
    click I found F901=3 amp fuse to be open when I connected a 100 watt
    bulb inplace of F901 and pressed power button the light bulb lit bright
    and still no display.
    I tested most components with my Fluke DMM series II model 29 and they
    tested ok,like the five 0.22 ohm dual emitter resistors and since they
    were ok obviously the five output pairs of MP1620 & MN2488 were fine
    but I still tested them.
    I could not test IC501=STK350-230 as I would have to tear the whole
    thing apart to get to the trace side of the main board to take
    I could not find any Sony common repair tips at:

    then click on "TSS logs for Sony".

    Free Sony model:STR-DA777ES receiver/amp & Sony model:DVP-S9000ES DVP
    player service manuals and owner's manuals.Also other usefull info:

    So if anyone could look up common repair tips from your repair
    experience or any pay repair tips sites such as:

    or any other pay repair tips site?.Thanks in advance.

    Dartmouth,Nova Scotia
  2. <snip>

    Thanks in advance.
    Despite your previous testing, my money is on one or more shorted output
    transistors. These often also get emitter resistors open, and in turn when
    that happens there are often bad 2SA988 protection circuit "gate"
    transistors as well, even some small resistors associated with them.

    Mark Z.
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