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Sony 27" T.V.!!

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Rono, Jun 18, 2005.

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  1. Rono

    Rono Guest

    M # KV-27TS27, was dead, replaced Q502: 2SC4927
    H.O.T., Q601, 602 2SC4664 regulators, R647 ohm fusible
    resistor, C613 .047 uf @ 400 volts, 2.5 amp gma fuse, &
    D 622 is ok! Worked perfect for about 30 seconds, then
    po go the parts! Flyback common to go? Ideas? Rono.
  2. kip

    kip Guest

    Dry joints on Drive Trany plus other dry joints on Hor drive Txr..

  3. Rono

    Rono Guest

    You know i did that! Looking for something
    I missed!.........Anyone????? Rono.
  4. Guest

    You certainly did NOT mention that you checked for dry joints on the
    HDr xstr and xfmr.... it was a good suggestion to your request.
    ALSO.... did you check the black and green varistors? .... the small
    "chicklet" caps? And when you think that you have caught everything
    you should bring it up real slow on a variac while watching the SMPS
    transformer waveforms on your oscilloscope..... lots of good repair
    suggestions can be found per the Sony factory service literature and
    numerous postings on this newsgroup..... do an archives search on
    google groups for lots of case histories and specific information....
    a good place to learn from other's experiences, and don't forget to
    contact SONY and obtain their service suggestions for this.
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