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SONY 200ES Loud degaussing ?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Jun 6, 2006.

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  1. Guest

    Recently, I received a sony 200ES monitor. The monitor is fine except
    that it makes horrible loud buzz(degaussing) when turning it on.
    I have a sony 100ES, but it is not as loud as 200ES.

    Question: Is there any way to reduce the noise?
  2. Guest

  3. Jeff, WB8NHV

    Jeff, WB8NHV Guest

    Many computer monitors will make a sound like a "thump" when first
    powered on, when the degaussing system switches on. My HP mx70, for
    example, has done this since it was new; many color TVs will make a
    similar sound as well when the degausser switches on and before the
    raster appears. As the last poster suggested, there is no way to
    reduce or eliminate the noise, but it usually lasts only a second or so
    as the degausser is not meant to run for any length of time. If you are
    hearing the buzzing sound you report for any extended length of time,
    the degaussing system is probably operating all the time, which will
    actually remagnetize the CRT. (This is a rather common problem with
    color TVs as well). The relay that switches the degausser out of
    circuit may be sticking in its on state. If your CRT display has color
    distortion (rainbows, etc.) after power on and after the raster
    appears, I would check that relay. I would also try disconnecting the
    degausser entirely. If the buzzing sound disappears, the problem is
    somewhere in the degausser (relay, thermistor, etc). If your monitor
    works well otherwise, the degausser is very likely the cause of the
    loud buzz you are reporting. That your other Sony monitor makes a
    similar noise (only not as loud) when degaussing also suggests to me
    that perhaps something in the other monitor may be loose and vibrating
    while the degausser is working.

    Kind regards,

    Jeff, WB8NHV
    Fairport Harbor, Ohio USA
  4. Papa_J

    Papa_J Guest

    One method would be to apply a little tension to the degauss coil with zip
    ties. Also tapeing the coil physically to the crt can mitigate the thump.
    This is a means used in the crt televisions produced by SONY. BTW you will
    not get rid of all of it, almost like a signature.
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