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sony 200 disc changer doesn't see disc

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by jd, Sep 6, 2004.

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  1. jd

    jd Guest

    If u need the model number for the 200 disc changer I will get it,
    don't think u will though. I installed a new laser sled asembly. It
    seems to be balanced. It is spinning fast and not touching anything. I
    have the 2 ribbon cables snug in place. It says something like "please
    insert disc" on TV while disc is spinning. Disc is in the right way.
    ANy suggestions?

  2. JVC dude

    JVC dude Guest

    did you remove the solder blob shorting/protecting the new laser!
  3. jd

    jd Guest

    I'm in computers not So it is probably something
    easy like that. However I don't know what that is. I can I'm sure
    guess pretty close. I saved the old asembly and the 2 lasers look the
    same. I think I remember taking something off of the laser, but it
    would have been something that was real noticeable. Please start
    simple as u did, because this most likely has something to do with my
    thnx JVC dude.
  4. As someone else suggested, there should be a protective solder "blob"
    somewhere on the pickup pc board, cable, or in the case of some later Sony
    models I've seen, the solder blob which must be cleared is on the little
    board on the side of the mech where the cables take off to the main unit.
    Visible from the TOP side. In fact, it should be unsoldered AFTER plugged
    into the circuit.

    Mark Z.
  5. jd

    jd Guest

    As someone else suggested, there should be a protective solder "blob"
    ok there is short soldering required in one place. The only place I
    can see that has a blob is actually on the ribbon cable as it comes
    off of laser. The blob only covers 1 line. Is that the problem? I
    looked on the old one and the place where the blob was is flat, but u
    can tell there was one there. So, do I need to find a short solder guy
    at this point? lol. Never done it, so...
    I got a friend in electronics, so I am going to give him a call at
    this point, but please post anything else plus thank you for getting
    me in the right direction. I will post with an update as well.

  6. jd

    jd Guest

    ok there is short soldering required in one place. The only place I
    can someone affirm that this is the place that needs to be soldered.
    It says the unit has to be installed, so I have to turn the entire box
    to get to where the blob will drip down? Can I just hook up the ribbon
    cables, not mount the entire sled, remove the blob, unhook the cables,
    then mount. Or can u not unhook the cables once the blob is removed?

    thnx again
  7. Can I just hook up the ribbon
    It's best, but not absolutely necessary to unsolder the protective solder
    pads while they're plugged into the circuit. (The player of course is
    unplugged from the wall!)
    Ideally, if you need to unplug the flat cables, the solder pads should be

    Some players are not designed quite so intelligently, and the solder must be
    removed prior to installing the pickup.
    A anti-static strap comes in handy for this. It's another technician aid -
    most of us have one but don't use it that often.

    Mark Z.
  8. jd

    jd Guest

    Woo hoo !!!!!!!!!!

    Done and done. Thank you so much everyone for all of ur help. I would
    have never of figured that one out on my own. I was able to remove
    blob with it mounted and everything. I thought it was going to be hard
    to reach, but it wasn't. like a charm.

    Thanx again,
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