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Something I can use in place of relays

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Rick, Nov 25, 2003.

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  1. Rick

    Rick Guest

    A little back ground
    I have a computer set up wired to speakers around the house. I have wired
    the keyboard to different switches as well around the house e.g. when
    someone pushes the door bell its wired to the letter A and the software on
    the computer looks for what letter is pushed and then plays the
    corresponding .wav file.
    I want to put those magnetic switches on every window so when the window is
    open again a wav file will be played e.g. " someone has opened up the
    bedroom window" the problem that I have run into is that when the window is
    opened its like holding down the key on the key board. I have used two
    relays so that when the window is opened it turns on relay one and one set
    of contacts on relay one is a switch for relay 2 but on relay 2 there is a
    resistor so it does not come on at the same moment that relay 2 does and the
    keyboard is wired in series through one set of contacts on each relay so I
    get a momentary on.

    So my question is I have several windows and doors and would need two relays
    for each is there any way that I could accomplish the some thing another

  2. the Wiz

    the Wiz Guest

    Use the switch contacts to trigger a one-shot. It will deliver one pulse and
    return to its original output state.

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