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Some WAG predictions...

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Don Lancaster, Jan 2, 2013.

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  1. The first few entries of each year are usually pretty much the same.
    At least until real estate un-debacles itself.

    It is also more time and content effective to do several daily entries
    at once.

    Thanks for pointing out an uncaught typo.

    An alternate take on the Mayan long count can be found at

    Many thanks,

    Don Lancaster voice phone: (928)428-4073
    Synergetics 3860 West First Street Box 809 Thatcher, AZ 85552
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    Please visit my GURU's LAIR web site at

  2. If you have to ask when it is lunchtime, you are probably working for
    some outfit that draws far too high a distinction between casual dress
    days and clothing optional ones.

    Many thanks,

    Don Lancaster voice phone: (928)428-4073
    Synergetics 3860 West First Street Box 809 Thatcher, AZ 85552
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    Please visit my GURU's LAIR web site at

  3. That is why I have long been down on Linux and its UNIX heritage.

    There is rude surprise upon rude surprise piled upon rude surprise over
    and over again. Unending even.

    Ferinstance, you likely have to have a NTSC monitor to be able to set
    your HDMI one to display properly. I am back to green-on-green from an
    Apple II monitor.

    Which, of course, requires its own secret settings to get at the first
    few characters normally hidden by wraparound.

    Fustrating's last album did go platinum, though.

    Many thanks,

    Don Lancaster voice phone: (928)428-4073
    Synergetics 3860 West First Street Box 809 Thatcher, AZ 85552
    rss: email:

    Please visit my GURU's LAIR web site at
  4. Besides, they're jewellery. Although DL's WAG would seem to be a
    rather safe prediction (few kids wear watches these days and most of
    them into their double-digit years have smart phones) I actually
    expect a major comeback, perhaps optionally as a remote screen for the
    smart phone to conveniently and discreetly show time, GPS location,
    and push notifications such as IMs and tweats (sic). Smart phones are
    going to get BIGGER... most of those who have had a smart phone
    actually want a bigger screen and longer battery life, so soon the
    mighty phablets (5" and bigger screens) will roam the land. Apple
    ought to eat some crow and smarten up before others step up to the
    plate and eat their lunch.
  5. David Lesher

    David Lesher Guest

    I have in the past (and have many friends that still do) worked
    in areas where no cell phone will every be. As a friend had
    pointed out to him by a newbe there:

    We're the only folks left with watches...
  6. Jasen Betts

    Jasen Betts Guest

    yeah, TCP is easy if you've used unbuffered I/O before there's very
    little to learn, for TCP. SSL is a bit harder.
  7. Jasen Betts

    Jasen Betts Guest

    libraries? connect(), send(), recv(), read(), and write() are kernel calls.
    gethostbyname() is a library call, but you if you know the IP address
    you don't need to use it.
    I think he prefers olinuxino. and that microchip MIPS CPU based
  8. josephkk

    josephkk Guest

    What do they sound like?
  9. With all due respect, your problem was due to using Windows, and its
    insistence on hiding the raw media concept from you. As the saying goes,
    Linux is friendly, it's just mercurial in its choice of friends.
  10. My favorite wristwatch has solar batteries and works off WWv, so it never
    stops and is always accurate. My smartphone didn't work very well in
    southern PA because cell coverage was so weak even when it existed it
    drained the battery in no time.

    For a new take on the wristwatch, check out the Pebble e-ink smartphone-
    connected wristwidget on Kickstarter:
  11. Greegor

    Greegor Guest

    January 2 , 2013 deeplink respond

    Seems to be the time of year for WAG predictions.
    Here's my current assortment...

    A hardware hacking resurgence, obviously led
    by the Raspberry Pi and Arduino computers.

    Utility scale pv solar panel pricing approaching the
    25 cents per peak panel watt demanded for net energy
    generation. Ironically combined with many more
    continuing solar pv bankruptcies.

    Word finally getting out that corn ethanol is nothing
    but an outrageous and costly vote buying scam and
    is otherwise laughingly and shockingly useless.

    Significant further improvements in LED lighting
    efficiency and dramatically dropping costs. New
    forms of lighting based on LED's working better
    over an area rather than being point sourced.

    Santa Claus Machines increasing in variety and
    dropping in price but retaining outrageous material
    costs and unresolved hot-over-cold strength issues.

    Near total demise of virtually all print trade journals,
    with many mid or smaller newspapers following suit.

    Unique temporary opportunities in timed online auctions
    as the supply and demand stays out of balance. Stunning
    buys over unsold and undersold lots to those who
    follow carefully enough.

    The first real and nearby Goldilocks exoplanet
    discovery, shortly followed by dozens and then
    hundreds of others.

    Significant improvements in HVAC efficiency, brought
    about by variable speeds and a better understanding
    of boundary layers and various MEMS techniques.
    Possibly including an increasing shift from air to cold
    water distribution.

    The peer review ludicrosity finally getting resolved
    through the Wesrch and similar models. Any and
    all technical papers over three years old should
    newlyend up freely downloadable.

    Something finally done about the spam outrage,
    likely based on email no longer arriving postage due.
    A flat charge of two cents per email payable to the
    recipient should do it.

    Wristwatches have been utterly pointless for years.
    Somebody may eventually notice. The caver's wrist
    sundial is a far more intelligent choice. And clearly
    makes a stronger statement than a Rolex.

    Emerging "You ain't seen nothin yet" consequences of
    global warming and climatic variability..

    Things that no longer make any sense whatsoever are
    the US Post Office, "Big 3" network Television, over-
    the-air tv transmission, public libraries ( unless totally
    and immediately reporposed ), or any tax funded
    Public Broadcasting.

    A continuing dramatic turnaround in Drug legalization
    as governments and municipalities will no longer be able
    to ignore the US #4 cash crop as a major income source.
    But the crop value should drop precipitiously after the
    federal subsidies and price supports are phased out.

    eBook readers falling by the wayside, and replaced
    by full feature, full color, full .PDF tablets and such.

    The "terabyte era" largely being skipped as we go
    directly to the "petabyte era". In which there is no
    sane reason that all movies or all books or all technical
    papers should not be available on a single thumb drive.


    Did you miss the politics where Intel was telling OEM's not
    to make low priced notebook computers with powerful
    processors and larger screens? Apparently Intel even
    restricted supplies to OEM's that didn't follow their dictates.

    Intel does not want low priced powerful notebooks with
    big screens to complete with the more lucrative
    power desktop computer business.

    Ironically this seems to be counter to the trend toward
    tablet computers that have a bit of processor pep.

    Intel is pressuring OEM's to NOT build the
    kinds of computers that consumers actually want!

    I'm amazed that Don didn't predict the boom in
    hand gesture input devices rather than touch screens.
    3 or four companies are racing to market in the next few months.

    A youtube video by Microsoft also shows a prototype
    wrist camera made from off the shelf parts which watches
    the hand and reports gestures of each digit.
    They demo'd applications where gestures worked
    behind your back to turn volume up or down for example.

    People could wave hands in air like orchestra conductors
    OR they can do gestures on a table surface (less wrist stress?)
    OR palm up gestures or some mixture to minimize carpal tunnel.

    All of them look more useful than touch screens.

    I'd expect this to evolve into TV sets that read
    hand gestures instead of remote controls, too.
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