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Some very old, expensive, and interesting computer items on ebay.

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Don McKenzie, Aug 9, 2012.

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  1. Stonethrower

    Stonethrower Guest

    I never saw such a paper. Paper, right?
    How I can be sure that certificate itself is not cloned?

  2. **Oops. Kinda like my grandmother. She took a considerable number
    (around 30 - 40, as I recall) of mint condition Australian Sovereigns
    down to the bank, where they dutifully gave her face value (1 Pound = 2
    Dollars each) for the coins. Back when she did it (my old man hit the
    roof) the collector value would have exceeded $100.00 each. YIKES!
  3. Yaputya

    Yaputya Guest

    Certainly was.
    I used a MicroBee to record lap times of speedboats. I burnt an EPROM
    with the code (both BASIC and machine code routines) and put it in the
    ED/ASM EPROM socket of the MicroBee.
    The Microbee is still a good option for simple control projects, it uses a Z80
    which can be programmed in machine code if required. It is similar, although
    far less powerful, to the Maximite computer and its clones.

    If you have an old Microbee you can keep in touch with the community....

    If you haven't played asteroids on a MicroBee you haven't lived!
  4. Paul

    Paul Guest

    Certificate of Authenticity was very much a 90's thing, until M$oft and
    Intel then started doing it I doubt anyone actually had even thought of
    them, except for pop memorabilia.

    Paul Carpenter |
    <> PC Services
    <> Timing Diagram Font
    <> GNU H8 - compiler & Renesas H8/H8S/H8 Tiny
    <> For those web sites you hate
  5. **Makes me wonder what my Faber Castel 2/83N is worth. Should be a small
  6. Rene

    Rene Guest

    I used to be one of these 90% until 2010, in that year I had a big clean
    up in my house, threw virtually everything away apart from a very
    limited number of items I *really* like, and this made me feel sooo
    good! Space itself really feels better than heaps of old crap that take
    it up.

  7. yaputya

    yaputya Guest

    If you have lived in the same place for decades it is easy to accumulate
    and keep junk that may eventually be worth a buck or two. If you put a
    cost on the storage space, most stuff is not worth it. But you rarely
    know what is going to appreciate in value beforehand.
    If you have moved house several times you have probably had to
    make some hard decisions - I threw out one of the early prototype
    Microbee's with 64k static RAM, because it was shit compared to
    the PC-clones available at the time I was moving. I would have kept
    it if I hadn't been under the pressure of moving to minimise junk.

    It gets much worse if you have to move overseas..........
  8. rickman

    rickman Guest

    I've got some 8008 CPU chips somewhere along with a MARK something
    computer sold as a kit I finished putting together. A professor gave it
    to me when a grad student couldn't make it work. Seems there were a
    number of errors in the design that I had to fix. I modified it to work
    with an RS232 terminal rather than the 110 baud current loop for
    teletype it came with. That likely wipes out any "collectable" value
    for it...

    I guess I could part it out, how much are 1702A EPROMs going for?

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