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some questions in microcontroller

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by A`WaRe, Oct 7, 2003.

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  1. A`WaRe

    A`WaRe Guest

    im sorry if this a wrong place to post such qusntions, please point me
    to the right groupt !!
    otherwise, my question is
    our company planning to work on electionic dictionary(with other
    electronic products company ) which includes about 30 hours voice, i
    want to ask what kind of microcontrollor/memory chip can hold such big
    amount of sound? some ppl told me that 8mega is enough but i wonder if
    there's a special sound format that can put 30H sound in 8mega memory

    thank you all.
  2. Casper

    Casper Guest

    I don't know myself what chip to use, but you'd better swap the mega8 for
    something that can encode/decode an mp3-like format. I don't think you
    should be looking at Atmel micros for that, I think they only have decoding
    c51 microcontrollers.

    And oh, something like 512MB of flash would be useful.
  3. A`WaRe

    A`WaRe Guest

    Hi, you'r right, we first took mp3 flash memories for that, but it's
    was too expensive , also i saw a product that hold more than 25h
    sound, but not was mp3 flash mem, was regular chip as the creator told
    me, i also hear about a sound format used with microcontrollers called
    SUD, but i didn't find anything about it with google...
    what about Z80 with more memories??

    thank you...
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