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Some Movies that I never get tired of watching

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by The Magnificent Bastard, May 26, 2004.

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  1. Balls

    Balls Guest

    How come there are so many fat geezers in our Commander In Chief's

    In Crimson Tide there is the bloke in the bus doing the push ups, the
    guy that died in the fire in the galley, Supplies Officer Tommy
    Docherty (aka Tony Soprano) plus C-O-B. What gives?

    P.S. Demi Moore was sporting some serious hooters in a Few Good Men.

    Good luck!
  2. PackMule

    PackMule Guest

    I am not sure why you keep posting in the outdoors ng talking about
    movies???? If you are going to continue posting here at least make it about
    outdoors movies.

    Like "Deliverance"
    "Yo shore got a purty mouth boy"
  3. PhotoMan

    PhotoMan Guest

    Deep Throat
  4. Robert

    Robert Guest

    If you are really interested mine are -

    Full Metal Jacket
    The Big Lebowski
    The Principal
    Last Night At The Alamo
    Eating Raoul
    The People Versus Larry Flynt
    Robocop 1 & 2
    Child's Play 1 & 2
    The Blues Brothers
    Little Shop Of Horrors
    Back To The Future
    The Brave Little Toaster
    National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
    Planes Trains and Automobiles
    I'm gonna git you sucka

    ....just to name a few
  5. "Squeal like a pig city boy"
  6. Simon

    Simon Guest

    Mine are:

    Back To The Future trilogy
    Star Wars (original trilogy) - except maybe ROTJ
    The Godfather Parts I & II
    This Is Spinal Tap
    Jackie Brown
    Indiana Jones trilogy
    The Great Escape
    The Graduate
    Dr Strangelove
    The Nightmare Before Christmas
    A Hard Day's Night
  7. I couldn't complete the first showing of this movie, forget watching
    it again. What a stupid movie. Had to take multiple breaks during
    the part of the movie I watched.
  8. c"
  9. Tieus Albert

    Tieus Albert Guest

    For me, it usually comes down to the music. Almost any movie without a
    great soundtrack, no matter how well-crafted it is otherwise, will
    probably bore me upon repeated viewings.

    I enjoy the following movies again and again:

    Duck Soup (1933) -- Everytime the world's politicians do something
    ridiculously stupid, the jokes in this movie get funnier. I also enjoy
    the soundtrack.

    International House (1933) -- Lots of dumb fun jokes. I love the
    soundtrack, especially the song by Cab Calloway near the end.

    Fantasia (1940) -- Highly creative visual images. Wonderful

    Easy Rider (1969) -- Pretty sparse in the humor department, but has a
    great soundtrack. Nice scenery, too.

    Blues Brothers (1980) -- Lots of dumb fun jokes. I love the
    soundtrack, especially the song by Cab Calloway near the end.

    O Brother, Where Art Thou? (1990) -- Humorous, thought provoking,
    several layers of symbolism. And a great soundtrack, of course.
  10. The Mullen

    The Mullen Guest

    When Alanzo shoots Roger why does he say after "breathe dog..., breathe"
    I love the pacing of the movie, building up to a frenetic pace,
    leading to a delicious ending that makes the increasing tempo of the
    path towards that end always a pleasant ride.

    Every scene is a visual work of art beyond the movie itself. And the
    score, oh, the gorgeous score ...

    Walter and the Dude just kill me in this one. And I tend to loathe
    arty dream sequences, but for me they somehow work here.

    I love Eastwood's cinematography and the most of the main characters
    are masterfully performed. And the killer lines ... "Deserves got
    nothing to do with it." ... "It's a helluva thing, killin' a man. You
    take away all he's got, and all he's ever gonna have." ... "We all got
    it comin', kid.".

    Its a pleasure to watch Nicholson work in this one. And the movie has
    two great payoffs; the scene where Bobby orders the chicken salad
    sandwich (hold the lettuce, mayo and chicken) and the long, seemingly
    endless fading camera shot at the end as he abandons Ray.

    I never tire of indulging in the fantasy of the thrilling anti-hero
    that is Inspector Callahan. Toss in Andy Robinson's deranged mania,
    the humorously garish '70s culture (attire, score), and the two great
    "I know what you're thinking ... " scenes and I never tire of the
    entire film.

    A sprawling western fantasy accompanied by the maniacal coyote-howl of
    the main theme, and those facescapes. And again, a buildup to a pair
    of incredible cinematic experiences at the end (Tuco's "Ecstasy of the
    Gold" race through the tombstones, and the classic three-way showdown)
    make watching this joyously bloated epic all the better.

  12. Rudy

    Rudy Guest

    Ok..wait ! thats toast..I told you, no substitutions
  13. Asimov

    Asimov Guest

    "Rudy" bravely wrote to "All" (21 Jun 04 00:26:09)
    --- on the heady topic of "Re: Some Movies that I never get tired of watching"

    Ru> Ok..wait ! thats toast..I told you, no substitutions

    "And hold the chicken between your knees..."

    .... Dr.Ruth: Sex onn TV iss okay...aas lonng as vyou don'ts fahll hofff.
  14. gothika

    gothika Guest

    didn't Jack do a bit about a tuna fish sandwich also?(Seems to me I
    saw that back in the 60's.)
  15. Glenn Waller

    Glenn Waller Guest

    Yeah I remember that too. I think it was the beginning of "bring your own tag-line", for super-stars.
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