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Some Movies that I never get tired of watching

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by The Magnificent Bastard, May 26, 2004.

  1. I have seen them all multiple times and could sit down and watch any of
    them right now and not be the least bit bored.

    In no particular order -

    Fight Club
    Training Day
    Oceans Eleven (the re-make)
    The Big Lebowsky
    Any Given Sunday
    True Romance
    Office Space
    Caddy Shack
    Donnie Darko
  2. paddy_nyr

    paddy_nyr Guest

    I agree on True Romance, but how could you foget the Godfarther 1 & 2.
  3. Dwayne

    Dwayne Guest

    Seen it at least 12 times...The Best~!
  4. hellrazor

    hellrazor Guest

    from your list:

    Fight Club
    Training Day
    Oceans Eleven (remake)
    Big Lebowski
    Any Given Sunday
    Office Space

    my list:
    Pulp Fiction
    Reservoir Dogs
    Donny Brasco
    Once upon a time in Mexico

    The corny flicks:
    Dumb & Dumber
    Bloodsport (OK USA!)
  5. Jay Cee

    Jay Cee Guest

    i'll add:

    The Usual Suspects

    A Simple Plan

    Christmas Vacation
  6. Kum Djole

    Kum Djole Guest

  7. righter

    righter Guest

    Hey, Buddy. i'm with ya on Training Day (watched it about 25 times), The
    Big Lebowski (38), True Romance (15), and Caddy Shack (15). What ever
    happened with that phone call you were supposed to get yesterday? I'm dyin'
    ta hear about it.
  8. righter

    righter Guest

    Dumb and Dumber is the bomba. Another movie you might like if you're a Ben
    Stiller fan is the new one he's making. He plays a professional dodge ball
    player. Ever played that as a kid?
  9. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    May I politely ask that you guys stop crossposting to all these unrelated
    groups? Yes I *know* I'm crossposting, but it's just so others notice.
    Please check before you reply that only relevant groups are included.
  10. Nigel

    Nigel Guest

    My favourite is

    (it's the only one for discussion in this NG)
  11. GargoyleBG

    GargoyleBG Guest

    never heard of that shit
  12. Ok, get a life now.

  13. righter

    righter Guest

    I hate ta tell you, but nobody's going to pay you any attention in this
    regard. My advice is to click on this thread, and then hit "delete".
    That'll take care of the problem on your end.
  14. jackcake

    jackcake Guest

    Because they're cunts.
  15. JW

    JW Guest

    Yeah, that was a good one. Christopher Walken is a God, and man, he was
    great in that flick.
    Another great movie. Yeeeeahh m'kay?
  16. benrand

    benrand Guest

    The Kids are Alright
    We Were Soldiers
    The Wild Bunch
    GF I,II
    To Live and Die in LA (GREAT movie)
    Saving Private Ryan
    Trading Places (still funny)
    Manhunter (underrated thriller)
    Star Wars (come on, it's still good...)
  17. Frank D

    Frank D Guest

    GF I and II
    This Is Spinal Tap
    Best In Show
    A Mighty Wind
    Annie Hall
  18. Cold Coffee

    Cold Coffee Guest

    Crimson Tide
    A Few Good Men - Moore sucked by Nicholson's performance was excellent
    Terminator 2
    My Cousin Vinny
  19. Tony Spadaro

    Tony Spadaro Guest

    Why does your sorry ass keep popping out of my killfile? I think this time
    I'll turn your pathetic screen name into a message rule - you really are too
    stupid and too persistant an ahole and someone ought to take the computer
    away from you.

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    The Improved Links Pages are at
    A sample chapter from my novel "Haight-Ashbury" is at
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