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some kind of keyboard

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by Dejan, Mar 8, 2006.

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  1. Dejan

    Dejan Guest


    Sorry for my terreble english.

    Once i have seen a computer monitor in shop window, and beneath it there was
    two lights beeming on/trough glass.
    When person put's his finger on one of the beem the information on monitor

    Something like Page Up and Page Down on keyboard controling data on monitor.

    Question: have you seen that kind of project, i'd like to make something
    like that, buth cann't find any schematics.
    tnx in advance

  2. Gerard Bok

    Gerard Bok Guest

    Something like
    maybe ? Well, good luck, but hardly a 'built it yourself' project

    If you want a more simple approach, buy 2 LDR's (Light dependant
    resistors) and connect them as 'game paddles' to your sound card.
    An easy Basic program allows you to program quite a lot of
    different things.
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