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some address ,again

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by turner_, Oct 26, 2005.

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  1. turner_

    turner_ Guest

    hi to all !
    some time ago , I asked you for getting inverter-electronic welding full
    Some one directed me to but I did not find anything
    about current control for welding .
    I don't know what is the current trasformer put in secondary circuit as
    sensor to control well the amperes in output for welding .
    Three years ago, I bought welding my DECA 90E , old model .there is a
    trimmer to control amperes but I don't see as it controls the current in out
    , no sensor in secondary .I have not been very happy of this . IN any
    internet advertising , only image and no scheme, it seems that their
    welding machines have a different control more complex. Can anyone help me?
    I see the inverters theory , I 'd like going into just this different
    control which is in out circuit .
    Nothing in google and Yahoo .
    Thanks in advance

    note that current control and square wave control are somewhat
    separate issues.


  3. turner_

    turner_ Guest

    thanks cordially
    but I need something that be more teaching .
  4. I am also working on a tig welder electronic project. I have a DC TIG

    and I am trying to convert it to a AC/DC tig welder producing square
    wave. I have not found anything "more teaching".

    There is no simple instruction book published. There is a lot of
    information to learn from various sources and people, for me. Lots of
    conclicting advice too. The cost of mistakes is blown up circuits, not
    just poor performance.

    You seem to have an even more ambitious project, controlling both
    amount of current as well as providing an inverter. Keep us posted.

  5. turner_

    turner_ Guest

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