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Soldier permanently cures hiccups

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by miso, Feb 4, 2013.

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  1. miso

    miso Guest

    A Fort Hood soldier pleaded guilty Thursday to involuntary manslaughter
    -- admitting he accidentally shot his friend while trying to scare away
    the hiccups.

    Spc. Patrick Edward Myers, of Spartanburg, S.C., was sentenced to 3 1/2
    years in military prison for fatally shooting 22-year-old Pfc. Isaac
    Lawrence Young, of Ash Grove, Mo., in the face in September while they
    were watching a football game at an apartment in Killeen, Texas.

    Myers was also busted to private and will receive a bad-conduct
    discharge, the Associated Press reported.

    Police said three men were inside the apartment on Sunday, Sept. 23,
    watching a football game and drinking alcohol when one of the men
    produced a handgun, handled it in an "unsafe manner," and shot the
    victim in the face.

    An arrest affidavit obtained by the Associated Press in September said
    Myers apparently pointed a gun at the victim's head to scare him and
    stop the hiccups.

    Myers said he thought the gun had dummy rounds when it was discharged.

    The case was tried in military court on the Central Texas Army post
    because the both victim and suspect were soldiers. Myers has been in the
    Bell County Jail on a $1 million bond.
  2. Guest

    maybe he had been watching to much NCIS :p

    A man walks into a bar and asks for a glass of water. The bar tender
    gets out a shot gun and shoots, just missing the man. The man thanks
    him and gives him a tip. Why the thank you and the tip?

    he had the hiccups

  3. RipeCrisbies

    RipeCrisbies Guest

    And he was, I assume, trained in how to handle weapons safely! Will he be
    able to own a gun when he gets out?


    Sales @ radiowymsey
  4. miso

    miso Guest

    Well it depends. There is a program loosely called "guns for felons". It
    comes and goes depending on the level of corruption in Congress. The
    criminal lobby (NRA) sponsors it. You have to commend the NRA on their single minded focus. They want
    everyone armed, even felons.

    Incidentally, since when do you get a 3.5 year sentence for what I
    murder? I would blame Texas, but it was a military trial.
  5. It's not murder if the shooting was accidental. He pled guilty to
    "involuntary manslaughter". There was no mens rea.
  6. Guest

    More Miso lies.
  7. miso

    miso Guest

    I think the story that the asshole thought there were blanks in the gun
    is pure bullshit. Anyone trained in weapons knows that blanks at close
    range (in this case point blank) can be dangerous. Anyone arguing
    otherwise is simply full of shit or a fucking moron. There are several
    famous cases of people being killed with blanks.
    You simply don't point a gun at a person and pull the trigger for yucks.
  8. Guest

    That's not right, I've shot people directly in the face with blanks and nothing more than a little temporary blindness or deafness results.
  9. Guest

  10. miso

    miso Guest

    There are people I trust with guns, and people that I know shouldn't
    have them. If you drink to the point of being in a stupor, having a gun
    handy isn't too smart. If you are a hot head, perhaps lethal force at
    your finger tips isn't a good move.

    But nobody blames the weapon. If I was on your jury and your defense was
    "I didn't know there was one in the chamber", you best get ready to
    spend a long time in prison. I have zero tolerance for misuse of weapons.

    Now if you are talking about assault weapons, there is simply no reason
    for them to be in the hands of civilians. Learn to fucking aim.
  11. Guest

    what are you calling an "assault weapon"?

    is your definiton based on caliber, feed rate, the mechanical method of projectile feed, cosmetic appearance, what exactly?

    maybe you have some illusion that weapons jump up and battery themselves, pick a target and then fire?

    what is your experience with guns?

    maybe your just affraid of something you don't understand.

    have you ever fired a gun? if not, it might behove you to become familiar with them before claiming they can do things that are physically impossible.

    for your information, military type f/a weapons are illegal to possess if you don't have a registered weapon pre 1986. are those the assult weapons you're talking about?

    don't blame inanimate objects for the malfunctions of broken humans.

    find a way to detect and fix those humans. if, as a society, we can't fix them, then lets get rid of them.

    or heck, maybe you will volunteer to take them home.
  12. Guest

    okay, i really missed something;

    what does aiming have to do with the definition of an "assult weapon"?
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