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Soldering stations, desoldering stations.

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by Z, May 14, 2004.

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  1. Z

    Z Guest

    I am in the market for a new soldering station and a de-soldering
    The following brands are available to me locally RS (electrocomponents
    not radio shack) without too much bother for returns though obviously I
    want a goof one that won't need to be returned.


    I only have used Weller irons before and have found them reliable, make
    good clean joints, tips last a long time, quite robust. Quite a few
    Weller irons seem to go obsolete though which is a little concerning
    Has anyone experience of any of these brands of soldering / de-soldering
    / rework stations and recommend one or recommend one not to get?

    I have not had much mileage out of Antex irons so don't want another one
    of them. Nor have I had much usage out of manual desolder pumps, the one
    you push a button on the side and the plunger sucks in the solder
    through a PTFE nozzle.

    For a de-soldering station the Weller DSVT80 Soldering Kit is about my
    budget. Has anyone experience with this station? The pace iron looks
    quite appealing though but out of my league. I don't have compressed air
    and the old diving tanks are out of their certification date so no-one
    will fill them.

    Maybe I'd be better saving a bit more and getting a rework station - one
    that will solder de-solder and also do SMT.
    Again any recommendations?
    Is this the way to go?
  2. Jon Elson

    Jon Elson Guest

    Although they come out with new models, Weller is really GOOD at supporting
    older models. I have a 20 year old station with the 1302 iron, and they
    still sell
    this same iron, if you prefer it, with their current line of stations.
    That old
    iron will still plug into the current (WSL) stations. So, I would not
    fear anything
    you buy now going obsolete on you. Weller's repair parts are expensive,
    but less than
    a new, complete, iron. (You can buy heaters, handles, cords and temp
    sensors for
    the older irons separately. I'm not clear on how the newer irons are

  3. Mark (UK)

    Mark (UK) Guest


    I would recommend the weller digital solder station with the WSP80 Iron,
    and get yourself a GOOD solder sucker. Some solder wick is useful for
    cleaning up, but not for general desoldering of thru. plated boards.

    RS do all those, and they're all I use for all my solder work.

    Yours, Mark.
  4. Z

    Z Guest

    I want a de-soldering machine as these solder suckers never last and
    I've gone through many different brands of them all from RS bar one
    which was an Antex and was also rubbish.

    I salvage quite a lot so it's a lot less scutter with a single
    de-soldering iron rather than juggling an iron, sucker, solder pliers
    and the PCB/assembly.
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