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Soldering Station Recommendations

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Oct 24, 2004.

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  1. Guest

    I just had a chance to use an ancient Hexacon TOT1002 to do capacitor
    replacement on a motherboard where I was soldering in the middle of
    massive ground planes.

    I have a whole bunch of other irons and none of them could come close
    to getting that job done.

    Unfortunately, the Hexacon was buzzing like crazy and finally went
    dead. (I determined that the transformer and triac were good and then
    gave up. It's a simple board but there is an IC and I don't know the
    effect of a broken wire in the iron will cause. So I pretty much gave
    up on it.)

    I really liked it so was thinking find another one on eBay.

    Of course, then I read about the Hakko 936, Edsyn 971HA, and some

    The Hexacon is insanely priced, but it sure is old school.

    Any suggestions?

    NOTE: I kept getting the feeling that the Hexacon was actually
    boosting the iron WHILE I was soldering that ground plane.

    I don't think, even though termostatically controlled, that any
    stations response time could be quick enough to boost power DURING a
    2-3 second soldering.
  2. In the engineering lab I used to work they had a Weller iron that
    responded pretty quickly.

    The power LED on the base was bi-colour. When the heat was on it was
    red, green when off. When you touched the iron to something you would
    see the duty cycle change right away.

    The small tip would heat pretty quickly (room temp to 900F in under a
  3. Guest

    Do you know what model it was?
  4. Guest

    Looks like Hakko 936 maybe hard to beat: 30 second warmup time and
    +-1 deg C temperature accuracy. They claim "lightning fast thermal

    (The Hexacon is +-10 deg F which is pretty slow. Xytronic & Edsyn are
    around +-6 deg F)
  5. I don't remember the model and I don't work there anymore. It was
    fairly 'cheap' looking. All black with a built in iron and sponge
    holder. The temperature control was a sliding knob.
  6. Franc Zabkar

    Franc Zabkar Guest

    Damn, I hate that!

    "Approximately 5% to 8% of the men and 0.5% of the women of the world
    are born colorblind. That's as high as one out of twelve men and one
    out of two hundred women. People who are protans (red weak) and
    deutans (green weak) comprise 99% of this group."

    - Franc Zabkar
  7. Craig Hart

    Craig Hart Guest

    NEVER NEVER go past a hakko.

    Best iron, ever.
  8. Lionel

    Lionel Guest

    Kibo informs me that stated that:
    Weller TCP. Reasonably priced, sufficient capacity to handle anything
    you can throw at it, very reliable.
    Of course it can - that's how you tell a good station from a bad one. ;)
  9. Guest

    Any comments on Hexacon stuff?

    The reason I ask is that I have a real sentimental/nostalgic link to
    Hexacon: I spent many summers at my aunt & uncle's in Roselle Park
    where they lived about 1 block from Hexacon and my uncle worked for
    them for a number of years.
  10. Dave Walsh

    Dave Walsh Guest

    Ive had an XYtronics thing thrown into my tool kits for years, its been good
    to me, tho its giving me jip at the moment, the cable to the iron has gone
    Anyone know where I can get 5core silicon heat resistant flex??...

    Dave W.
  11. Have you tried a Metcal?. Metcal is melting solder in 7 seconds. Got
    mine on Ebay for $125. Metcal is a 13 MHz transmitter working into a
    soldering tip that only absorbs power when its below temp. After using
    a Metcal, everything else seems like a 'tusk'.
  12. Eugen T

    Eugen T Guest

    Solomon SL-20 here!
    Amazing soldering station, better than most Wellers.
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